Reimagining Career Development

Resume Week at College of Business 
Frequently an office tucked away servicing senior year students, the staff at the College of Business career development office have a different vision to create an alliance with every business student from Day One to help individuals explore career options, connect with the business community, engage through experiential learning opportunities, and transition into careers that are successful and satisfying. We also work closely with Academic Advising and esteemed faculty to ensure career development is an essential part of the college experience. After all, "what's next?" is one of the most critical questions for a degree-seeking student.
We believe higher education is an investment and we hope to help the members of the College of Business community
become "business-world ready" and yield tangible returns. Through authentic engagement, we empower individuals to progress confidently toward graduation, take strides in professional development, and launch meaningful business careers. 

As a Freshman, you can learn about resources you have here at the career development office of the Decosimo Success Center, as well as at the Career & Student Employment Center and Counseling & Career Planning Center in the University Center, get assessed to determine careers that fit you, receive advice on how to network strategically in your field, and begin discovering opportunities related to your studies. Career exploration at an early stage involves exploring your unique interests, values, and working styles. UTC uses a variety of assessments to assist in your exploration. Want a sneak peek? Take a quick personality test here.

As a Sophomore, we can assist you in conducting company research, formulating a career plan, building confidence through professional development, and arranging informational interviews with targeted employers toward internships or job shadowing programs.

As a Junior, our partnership becomes deeper as we help develop your professional resume, teach you how to write tailored cover letters and perform mock interviews until you feel sufficiently prepared to impress. (By the mid point of you junior year, we highly suggest you seek internships in your field, as successful internship have a strong possibility of converting to employment upon graduation!)

If you have followed this career success plan throughout your college career at UTC's College of Business, as a Senior, your main responsibility will be exploring opportunities, acing interviews, and negotiating your way into an ideal position.

We also gladly serve our MBA, MAcc, and Professional Certificate students and encourage this professional population to use our services to further advance their careers.

At the career development office of the Decosimo Success Center, we'll be with you every step of the way!


Career Development Resource Documents

Visit the Decosimo Success Center (Second Floor of Fletcher Hall) or reach out to Irene J Hillman for your copies!

Career & Self Exploration

  • What Can I Do With This Major Sheets
  • Job Fit Worksheet
  • FInd Your Mark: Conducting Company and Company Research


  • Quick Pitches
  • Informational Interviews - How To
  • Informational Interviews - Potential Questions


  • 100 Great Resume Action Words
  • Targeted Resumes


  • Tailored Cover Letters / Seed Letters


  • Interview Checklist
  • 20 Common Interviews and Smart Answers
  • 20 Common Interview Questions - Worksheet
  • Common Interview Questions for Accounting
  • Tips for the Phone Interview
  • Preparing an Interview Portfolio

Job Hunt:

  • Moc Links Registration Info
  • Job Hunt Organizer
The Bridge Luncheons hosted by the career development office at the College of Business have given me an opportunity to connect with local businesses and to build relationships with their owners and employees before joining the workforce. I am very thankful that UTC has provided me with the opportunity to participate in these luncheons because they have helped ease my apprehension interacting with potential employers and colleagues." - Jennifer Johnson, Accounting, Class of 2015

"By attending events held by the career development office at the COB, I received remarkable feedback on my resume and interviewing technique, which helped me make adjustments to my approach. It helped me get more engaged in networking effectively.  It was a great opportunity for me to make connections with business professionals from around Chattanooga. Furthermore, I believe these events helped me land my first internship last fall and then my summer internship as well, and those positions gave me the experience I needed in HR to feel confident about finding a great job after graduation. So now I have a strong resume and solid experience!” - Abdul Hanan Sheikh, Human Resources and Management, Class of 2015

"I have been at a major employer in the region since graduation, starting in their management training program and am very happy with my career.  I wouldn't be here if it were not for the guidance provided by the career development staff at UTC.  They pushed me to revamp my resume, sharpen my interview skills, go to the career fair on campus where I met the recruiter from my company, and have an amazing mentor who walked me through the entire hiring process.  I know there are students who think career services are a waste of time.  Please let them know that all of those advising sessions are the difference between being unemployed and having an amazing job right out of college. Thanks again!" - Jeffery Ray, Management, Class of 2014

"The Career Development Center at the College of Business has been extremely helpful...I am so thankful they were able to provide me with the tools to help me find a career. I was able to get my job just by using them as a resource." - Leah Ruggiero, Marketing, Class of 2014 

"The UTC College of Business has made great connections with businesses, organizations, and groups in Chattanooga. These connections allow improvement throughout the university and the community via constant communication and cooperation. This involvement makes finding jobs after graduation much easier while also continuing excellent preparation at the university level." - Joel Barnett, Accounting, Class of 2013

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help. I got the job and today was my first day. I can't wait to see what the future holds! I couldn't have done it without the alumni assistance offered by the faculty and career development team at UTC's College of Business." - Jake Rouse, Marketing, Class of 2013

 "In 2013, Unum partnered with UTC to begin the Unum Scholar program where high-performing students are selected to partake in a multi-semester experience that provides them the opportunity to connect with strong mentors and develop professional skill sets through a Fortune 300 company. We believe this has been a win/win/win for the students, UTC, and Unum. This partnership would not have been possible without the initiative of the career development team at the College of Business whose primary objective is to support students in becoming business-world ready. They clearly take this mission to heart and have brought a can-do attitude to the Unum Scholars program which, frankly, is contagious!"  - Kayvon Sadrabadi, Employer-side Client