Accessible Information, Materials, and Technology Program: Everyone Achieves

Ally for Accessibility in UTC Learn

UTC continues to work diligently to find ways to make information and services more accessible to everyone to support our persistent effort to become a more inclusive campus.  As part of that effort we have begun using Ally as part of UTC Learn. Ally is an accessibility tool that unobtrusively runs in the background of UTC Learn to scan uploaded documents for potential accessibility issues.  Ally will indicate the level of accessibility for a particular document for users with instructor access.  Those users can then use Ally to determine what specific issues are causing the document to be less accessible and receive guidance on how to improve the document’s accessibility. 

In addition to being able to identify accessibility issues and provide guidance on solutions, Ally is able to generate accessible versions of the uploaded documents in a variety of formats including tagged PDF, semantic HTML, ePub, and mp3.  Students are also able to generate accessible versions of the document in real time.

We are excited to implement a tool that will help move UTC forward towards our goal of creating a vibrant, inclusive campus that is accessible to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  For more information about Ally contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or review the Ally tutorial.