SMILE Fund servicemark
The Smile Fund is an undergraduate led investment fund at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


The Student Managed Investment Learning Experience (SMILE) Fund was formed in February 2015 and officially received funds totaling $250,000 from the UC Foundation on July 1, 2015. The fund has now grown to have over $600,000 in assets under management. The purpose of the fund is to provide select UTC students the opportunity to manage a real stock portfolio for a real client. It should also provide students with a proficient knowledge of portfolio management, investment strategies, and equity valuation techniques.

The SMILE Fund is to be managed as a typical fund as if at a real investment firm and is expected to grow the value of the fund.

To provide UTC students with a proficient knowledge of portfolio management, investment strategies, and equity valuation techniques while growing the value of the fund.

The vision of the SMILE Fund is to become a nationally recognized fund that enhances the reputation of the University and its members. SMILE Fund managers will attain a competitive advantage over their peers in the field of Finance through direct experience with real markets and astute analysis.

We believe the equity market is inefficient, which enables investors to identify an information advantage that can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.

Being selected as a student manager for the SMILE Fund can provide you with many invaluable rewards for your time and effort...

  • Hands on experience managing REAL MONEY
  • Potential academic and financial awards in course credits and scholarship awards
  • Knowledge in investment analysis, security selection, and portfolio management
  • Training and certification in the world's leading investment software
  • Exposure to global market conditions, volatility, and business cycles
  • Experience producing professional documents such as annual reports
  • Context for study material for the 1st level of the CFA exam
  • Job preparation for careers in investments, wealth management, and stock analysis
  • Sharpening of professional skills such as presenting in professional settings
  • Lasting bonds with team members that share similar goals and career interests
  • Stronger relationships with faculty and enhanced educational opportunities
  • Closer access with professionals including exclusive networking opportunities
  • Competitive advantage to bolster resumes and job interviews
  • Unique and impactful stories to share with potential employers
  • Recommendations for select internships and job openings
  • Guaranteed letter of reference from the faculty advisor
  • Increased confidence in obtaining both personal and professional objectives
The SMILE Fund is comprised of 52 student managers: The President and Chief Investment Strategist, VP of Operations, VP of Marketing, VP of Market Analysis, VP of Sector Analysis, VP of Fundamental Analysis, VP of Risk Management, 5 Chief Analysts, 20 Lead Analysts, and 20 Junior Analysts. The structure is as follows:
*All junior analysts and lead analysts report to all seven officers, but analysts primarily report to the VP of Sector Analysis.*
 SMILE Fund Organization Chart