Graduation Information

Step 1: Complete and Submit "Program of Study" form

Each degree or certificate-seeking graduate student must complete and file a program of study by the end of the first semester of enrollment in graduate coursework.

Instructions for Obtaining, Completing, and Submitting "Program of Study":

    • The Program of Study (POS) form can be found on the COB Graduate Student organization page in Blackboard/MocsNet. Select the one for your specific graduate program and follow the directions below to complete and submit. All of the necessary course requirements for your program will already be listed on this form.
    • Most business graduate students complete this form after their first advising appointment with the College of Business Graduate Programs Office, but it must be completed, submitted, and approved before the end of your first semester of graduate work.
    • The Graduate School requires the form to be typed and your electronic or digital signature be at the bottom. You can sign, scan, and email the document too if you prefer. 

      • You don’t need to fill in the credit hour, semester, or grade columns. The Graduate School will complete these sections before you graduate to check and make sure that you have taken all required courses and made the necessary grades in them.
      • Don’t include prerequisites/background courses (e.g. ACC 5720, BUS 5730, MGT 5710, ECON 5010) and don’t add your electives at this time either. You will be asked to list those on your admission to candidacy/graduation application that you submit the semester before you graduate.
      • Your program start date should be the first semester that you took an MBA or MAcc core or elective class. In other words, the first semester that you take one of the courses listed on the program of study.
    • Once you complete the program of study, you can email it to your adviser at
      • Your adviser will review and digitally sign the major adviser and program officer lines and then forward to the UTC Graduate School for the dean's review and signature.
    • The end of the first semester of enrollment in graduate coursework
    • The UTC Graduate School will email you at your UTC email address when the program of study has been processed and approved. Students enrolling fall 2014 or later also can check their MyMocsDegree to find out if the form was approved.  NOTE: Students who began their graduate programs prior to fall 2014 will not have this MyMocsDegree field populated and, therefore, their MyMocsDegree indicates that the POS hasn't been approved. Those students will have to refer to the original POS approval email from the UTC Graduate School for a record of the form's official approval. If you are unsure whether your POS was submitted and approved, check with your adviser.

Step 2: Complete and Submit "Graduate Application for Candidacy & Graduation"

Admission to a graduate degree and certificate program allows the student to demonstrate ability but does not guarantee the right to continue toward a degree unless he or she is admitted to candidacy.

As a result, each degree seeking graduate student must complete and file an Application for Candidacy, Certificate Award, and Graduation by the Graduate School's posted deadline the semester prior to the semester of his/her anticipated graduation.

Instructions for Obtaining, Completing, and Submitting "Application for Candidacy & Graduation":

    • The Candidacy/Graduation Application is available on the COB Graduate Student organization page in Blackboard/MocsNet.  .
    • On the form, type the course names and numbers for the four electives you have taken or for which you are registered or will soon register. (Certificate students, write in your four required classes.) Don’t include any of your other MBA or MAcc coursework or certificate prerequisites on the application. If you haven't registered for your final elective(s), wait at least until reviewing the official class schedule for your final semester before submitting this application. If you submit the form and your electives change, you will have to turn in a revised application in order to be approved for graduation. Missing revisions can delay graduation.
    • Answer the following for these sections of the application: 1) check that you are applying for candidacy and graduation, 2) leave the program major and concentration sections blank at the top of the form.              
    • The form must be typed and digitally signed. You can sign, scan, and email the document too if you prefer.    
    • MBA and MAcc students graduating with both a degree and a certificate, must submit two candidacy/graduation applications (one for the certificate and one for the MBA or MAcc).                                    
    • Submit the application with your digital signature to UTC's Business Graduate Programs Office ( for review and College of Business approval. Your adviser will digitally sign the application and forward it to the UTC Graduate School for final processing and approval.
    • The semester prior to your graduation. The specific filing dates are listed in the Graduate Academic Calendar located on the Graduate School web page.
    • Wait to submit the form until you have registered for your final electives or have reviewed the class schedule for your final semester, because you will be asked to list the four graduate electives, which you have taken, are taking, or are or will soon be registered. If the electives change after you submit the application, you will have to submit a new one in order to graduate on time.


    • If you meet candidacy and graduation requirements, the dean of the UTC Graduate School will sign the application and then someone from his office will email you to let you know it has been approved. You can check your graduation status on MocsNet as well. 

Step 3: Order graduation invitations, purchase cap, gown, and hood.

Caps and gowns can be purchased in the Bookstore in the University Center. In addition to your height, weight, and hat size, you will also need to know the academic degree you are to receive.

Step 4: Complete all degree requirements. 

That's a given! Before you enter your last semester, you should check with a College of Business advisor to make sure you have met all degree requirements and are ready for graduation.

Step 5: Graduate!

It is not required that you walk at graduation. You've worked hard and should celebrate! Why not attend graduation with your family and be recognized for your accomplishment! 

Summer Graduates Wanting to Walk in May or December Commencement Ceremonies: You may request to walk in the May or December graduations. To do so, you must submit your candidacy/graduation application, meet the stated criteria, and email the UTC Registrar by the deadlines set by the UTC Records Office. For more details, refer to the UTC Records Office online graduation information.

The Records Office coordinates the commencement ceremony (occur in May and December). More information about the graduation ceremony is available at the Records Office or you may call (423) 425-4416 to speak to someone in person.