Gary W. Rollins College of Business

Academic Programs


The Department of Accounting offers a concentration designed to prepare students for positions in the profit and nonprofit sectors.

Finance & Economics

The Department of Finance and Economics offers a Bachelor of Science in Finance, a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, along with courses for the Master of Business Administration. The study of finance deals with a variety of business areas such as banking, public and corporate finance, insurance, financial planning, real estate, investments, and money management. Economics is a versatile degree and provides a foundation for careers in business, public policy and law as well as other fields.


As defined by Mary Parker Follett, management is “the art of getting things done through people.”  Students in this major will learn about organizing, planning, controlling, and directing within a business to achieve the business goals.The Management Department offers three concentrations: Management, Human Resource Management, and Business Analytics.


As stated by the American Marketing Association, marketing involves the activities for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Majoring in marketing at UTC prepares you to think both analytically and creatively, build relationships with buyers and sellers, develop and manage products and services, and find solutions to tough problems faced by both organizations and society.


Entrepreneurship is about recognizing and shaping opportunity, both in business and society at large. As an entrepreneurship major, you’ll learn how to start or acquire a business, write a successful business plan, manage limited resources, attract venture funding, and lead strong entrepreneurial teams.

Business Graduate Programs

Offerings include MBA, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Science in Data Analytics.