Resources for Teachers

Video & Cassette Lending Library

Chattanooga area teachers find the Probasco Chair Video and Cassette lending library an aid in their instructional endeavors. The materials listed in the link below are available on a one-week loan basis by calling the Chair at (423) 425-4118 or by writing the UTC Probasco Chair. Please reserve materials in advance as we serve on a first-request basis.


Video & Cassette Lending Library

Materials & Links

In addition to the Lending Library, the Probasco Chair has compiled a list of links to helpful websites and materials used in previous teacher programs. Please check back often as more items are added to the list.

Teacher Workshop Materials


An Introduction to Environmental Issues in Costa Rica PowerPoint by Martin Cipollini

Environmentalism through the Economic Lens PowerPoint by Bradley Hobbs

Incentives and the Importance of Environmental Property Rights PowerPoint by Karol Boudreaux

Economics and the Environment: EcoDetectives PowerPoint by Mark Schug

Debt for Nature Swaps PowerPoint by Bradley Hobbs

Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Protecting Resources and Promoting Growth PowerPoint by Karol Boudreaux

Monteverde Human History: A Case Study in Private Conservation PowerPoint by Martin Cipollini

Monteverde Ecology and Biodiversity PowerPoint by Martin Cipollini

The Economic Crisis of 2008 PowerPoint by James Gwartney

Financial Crisis Road Ahead PowerPoint by Gerald Dwyer

Morality and Markets PowerPoint by Mark Schug


Federal Reserve Bank


Atlanta FRB

Federal Reserve Education


New York FRB

Philadelphia FRB

St. Louis FRB


Financial Education



Understanding Taxes

Personal Financial Planning


Games and Visual Applications



Games Economists Play

Stossel in the Classroom

US National Debt Clock in Real Time

Kingdom of Mocha video

Return to Mocha video

"Fear the Boom and Bust" A Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

"Fight of the Century" Keynes vs. Hayek Round 2


Lesson Plans/Guides/Tools/Current Topics


Common Sense Economics

Council for Economic Education




Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE)

Library of Economics and Liberty

Starting Point Economics: Teaching and Learning Economics

UMSL Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education




American Enterprise Institute



Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC)