About the Speech


Can greed be good or are we becoming too greedy for our own good? Greed isn't a nice thing; how then could greed be the source of social progress? Unrestrained greed would mean theft, fighting, and taking by force. But when we trade and exchange with each other, we get what we want, and the concept of self interest becomes a productive force—the very force that helped build civilization as we know it.

Stossel's speech, entitled "Greed," was derived from his highly successful 20/20 feature of the same name. This feature has been viewed by millions of young people throughout the world and explores the concept of self-interest in the economic process. Topics such as: How is wealth created?; What does greed have to do with wealth creation?; What does greed have to do with good citizenship?; and What is the difference between altruism and greed?; lead the viewer to a clearer understanding of the market economy in which we live and work as well as an understanding of the social responsibilities of citizenship.