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Corporate citizenship and the employee
Social capital and human capital
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Ph.D. - 2006, University of Mississippi
M.B.A - 2000, The University of Tampa
B.S. - 1993, Auburn University

Sample Publications

Roundy, P., Taylor, V. & Evans, W. R. (forthcoming).  Founded by faith: Social entrepreneurship as a bridge between religion and work.  Journal of Ethics & Entrepreneurship.

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2008: Wilkerson, J.M., Evans, W.R., & Davis, W.D. (2008).  A test of coworkers’ influence on organizational cynicism, badmouthing, and organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 38(9), 2273-2292.

Professional Activities and Memberships
Academy of Management
Southern Management Association
International Association of Business and Society

Honors and Awards                                                                                                                                       

Max Finley Scholar (2010)

The Alpha Society (2013)
Outstanding Reviewer Award, Organizational Behavior Division of Academy of Management (2010, 2011)