Ph.D. - 1996, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

M.B.A. - 1991, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

B.A. - 1983, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Sample Publications

2009: Parayitam, S., & Dooley, R. S. 2009. The interplay between cognitive-and affective conflict and cognition-and affect based trust in influencing decision outcomes. Journal of Business Research. 62: 789-796.

2007: Leonard, J. & Dooley, R. S. 2007. The Role of CIOs in Strategic Decision Making and IT Usage: An Empirical Examination. Journal of Business Leadership: Research, Practice, and Teaching. Forthcoming.

2007: Parayitam, S. & Dooley, R. S. 2007. The relationship between conflict and decision outcomes: The moderating role of affect-and cognition-based trust in strategic decision making teams. International Journal of Conflict Management, 18: 42-73.

2006: Michie, S., Dooley, R. S., & Fryxell G. E. 2006. Unified Diversity in Top-Level Teams: Enhancing Collaboration and Quality in Strategic Decision Making. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 14: 130-149.

2006: Judge, W. Q. & Dooley, R. S. 2006. Strategic Alliance Outcomes: A Transaction Cost Economics Perspective. British Journal of Management, 17: 23-37.

2004: Fryxell, G. E. & Dooley, R. S. 2004. The role of trustworthiness in mitigating the impact of perceived uncertainty on employee commitment in China. The Asian Pacific Journal of Management, 21: 515-533.


Professional Activities and Memberships

Academy of Management 

Strategic Management Society


Honors and Awards

Spears School of Business Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award (2002)

Spears School of Business Outstanding MBA Faculty Award (2000)