Ph.D. - 2008, University of South Carolina
International MBA - 2006, University of South Carolina
B.S. - 1993, Engineering, Clemson University
Courses Taught
Research Interests
Inter-organizational Cost Management
Management Control Systems
Research Methods
Honors, Achievements & Affiliations
LEI Excellence in Lean Accounting Student Award 2008
Reviewer for Journal of Information Systems 2013
Reviewer for Accounting Horizons 2013
Reviewer for European Conference on Information Systems 2011, 2012
American Accounting Associated Member
Institute of Management Accounting Member
Experimental Science Association Member
Featured Publications
2012. "The Effect of Internal Cost Management, Information Systems Integration, and Absorptive Capacity on Interorganizational Cost Management," Accounting, Organizations, and Society. Fayard, D., Lee, L.S., Leitch, R.A., & Kettinger, W.J.
2011. "On the Use of Partial Least Squares Path Modeling in Accounting Research," International Journal of Accounting Information Systems. Lee, L., Petter, S.C., Fayard, D., & Robinson, S.
2015: "A Case for Using a Fixed-Cost Funding Model for State-Funded Higher Education Institutions: A Management Accounting Perspective", Journal of Higher Education Management 30 (1). Fayard, D.
2014 "An Experimental Economics Approach to the Study of Whistleblowing" Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting Vol. 6 (1). Fayard, D., Cockrell, R.C., and Curtis, M.B.
2014 "Interorganizational Cost Management in Supply Chains: Practices and Payoffs", Management Accounting Quarterly 15 (3) Fayard, D., Lee, L.S., Leitch, R.A., & Kettinger, W.J.