About the Speaker

Thomas J. Sargent holds the Ph.D. from Harvard University and has been awarded honorary doctoral degrees from the Stockholm School of Economics, European University Institute, the University of Bern, and the University of Minnesota.  He is currently William R. Berkeley Professor of Economics and Business at New York University.  He is a fellow of the Econometric Society, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and past president of the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, and the Society for Economic Dynamics and Control. 

He is the author of over 150 published articles in journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Theory, Quantitative Economics, International Economic Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, and the Quarterly Journal of EconomicsHe is the author of 12 books, including Robustness, The Big Problem of Small Change, The Conquest of American Inflation, Rational Expectations Econometrics, and a textbook on Recursive Macroeconomic Theory

In 2011, Dr. Sargent was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for his “empirical research on cause and effect in the macroeconomy.”