Room Assignment Guide for Incoming Fall 2021 Freshmen

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Freshmen Live On Requirement

    • All first year Freshmen are required to live on campus. 
    • It is university policy that all freshmen live on-campus. Should on-campus housing space become filled, please rest assured that you will be provided temporary accommodations (overflow housing) until we can provide you a permanent room assignment.

Residency Exception

  • Students may apply for an exception if they:  live within a 45 mile radius with a parent or legal guardian, are married, have a child(ren), and/or have medical condition preventing them from living in a campus environment.
  • Log in to Manage My Housing to complete the Residency Exception Request form.


  • In order to complete a housing application you must be admitted to the university and have set up your UTC ID and password.
  • Your UTC ID consists of three letters and three numbers (abc123) provided in your acceptance packet.
  • To set up your UTC ID and Password go to UTC Password Management and follow the New User instructions.
  • Please note it may take a day or two after being admitted to be able to log in to the Manage My Housing system. 


Review Buildings and Rates  

  Buildings     Rates

  • Room Type preferences are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.
  • Freshmen will be able to select from the following buildings: Boling, West Campus, Lockmiller, Stagmaier and Guerry.  

*Majority of our freshmen housing is in a shared bedroom, however, know that as an upperclassman (sophomore-senior) your only options are private bedrooms in an apartment.

*Freshmen are also assigned to Residential Learning Communities housed in specific sections of upperclassmen buildings, such as: Stophel, Walker and UCF.

Meal Plan

  • All freshmen and sophomores who live on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.
  • Review the meal plan options :      Campus Dish
  • Although meal plans are chosen through the housing website, please direct all meal plan questions to the Mocs Card Office at 423-425-5444 or email


Communication between Housing and Students

  • All communication is through the STUDENT’S UTC email account!
  • If you have questions you may call 423-425-4304 or email from your UTC email account.
  • We would like to remind you how quickly our housing fills. It is important for you to apply for housing as soon as you are accepted into the University. 


Residential Learning Communities

  • Residential Learning Communities provide a unique atmosphere for residents who share common interests and cultivate an environment that supports personal growth through academic and social programming. Your decision to live in one of these exciting communities will make an impact on you for the rest of your life. Take the time to read about the different opportunities to get involved with RLC at UTC!  

Log in to Manage My Housing using your UTC ID and password

Click Apply for 2021/2022

Continue through the steps

Roommate Preferences

  • Do you know someone attending UTC? Would you like to live with them? If so, exchange full names and UTC IDs. 
      • Students will be able to create roommate groups up to 4.
      • Incoming freshmen can only be matched with incoming freshmen or incoming transfer students.
      • Only mutual requests will be considered. All students in the group must accept the request.

Roommate preferences are not guaranteed and are subject to room availability.

Roommate Groups can be set up after you submit your application but before you select your room.

One person will need to initiate the roommate group.

Once the roommate group has been started through Manage My Housing each person will receive an email to accept the request to join the roommate group. Once accepted, it becomes a mutual request.

The group creator can add, delete, or change the roommate group at any time. If changes are made by the creator a notification of the change will be emailed to the roommates.

This year each student will be assigned a date & time to select their room based on their application complete date. The student with the earliest selection date will be able to log in and select rooms for everyone in the group, regardless of who the leader is.

Roommate Matching Questions

On your application you will be asked to answer a few questions about yourself to help you find a compatible roommate.   

Pay $25 application fee (onetime, non-refundable fee)

  • Acceptable forms of payment:
    • Credit Card - VISA or MasterCard

You may update your preferences (roommate or building) at any time. This will NOT change your application complete date. Do not wait for friends to apply together, go ahead and submit your application as soon as you are admitted to the university.

You must have updates submitted before the assignment date in order for it to take effect.



Assignments will start April 7th, detailed schedule coming soon.

Room Assignment Process

  • Students will either go through an auto-assignment process. Assignments will be emailed to the students based on their application complete date, roommate preferences and building preferences. Only a few 100 assignments will go out on each assignment day.
  • Once you have selected or been assigned a room, you will have 4 (four) calendar days to pay your $400 pre-payment and electronically sign your contract to confirm your room.
    • Should your plans to attend to UTC change, The pre-payment may be refundable in full if cancellation is received prior to May 1, 2021. If cancellation is received prior to June 1, 2021 student will be refunded 50% of the pre-payment. After June 1, 2021 there are no refunds.
    • Student wishing to cancel their housing need to complete the Housing Cancellation Request through their Manage My Housing account.
    • Failure to agree to the contract AND pay the prepayment within the required 4 days will result in your room assignment and application being cancelled.
  • Room changes after you have a booking: if you already have an assignment and are looking for room change options you can do so on the designated room change dates held throughout the summer. You will have the option to room change as an individual or roommate group. You will only see beds available based on whether you select individual or beds available for your entire group.



All communication is through the STUDENT’S UTC email account! We emailed notifications about timeslot. Log in to Manage My Housing, click Room Selection/Confirmation, click continue on the term and you will then see your timeslot.

  • Click My MOCS Net

  • Log in using your UTC ID & Password (included in your admissions packet)

  • Once logged in click “Mocs Mail+” in the top right corner

Log in to Manage My Housing

Click Room Selection/Confirmation

Select the Academic Year Term

Click continue and you will be taken to the meal plan page, you may adjust your meal plan here.

Click continue on the meal plan page to get to completion summary which shows your assignment and roommates.

Room selection takes 10 minutes or less, please make every attempt to log in during your timeslot.

Room Selection is also accessible on mobile devises.

If you miss your opportunity, a new timeslot will be assigned to you by the following Monday.

The building you requested did not have space at the time of selection.

Log in to Manage My Housing

Click Apply for Housing

Click on the Roommate group page in the left navigation window (may look different on a tablet or phone)

From here you can view your group or other group invites.

You will see them listed as pending if they have not accepted the request. 

If they declined the request you will no longer see them listed.

During the next assignment day, you can log in between 10am-12 noon EST to look for room change options.

Students who do not pay the $400 prepayment within the 4 days will have their application and assignment cancelled for non-payment.

Please send an email to explaining your situation and ask to defer your prepayment to your fall bill. If you have a copy of your 20/21 financial aid award letter please attach a copy to the email.

Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST, please call us so we can assist with the technical issues.

If two students in the same suite/apartment agree to swap rooms they both must send an email to, from their UTC email account, agreeing to the swap. Include in the email: Your name, UTC ID & your assignment AND the person’s name, UTC ID and room you wish to switch to. An email will be returned when the requests are mutual and the swap has been completed.

After move-in students will need to talk with their Resident Director about bed swaps and/or room changes.

In order to provide the best service for our large student body, assignments are divided up into 3 categories: Incoming Freshmen, Transfers, and Current students. 

Incoming Freshmen may be assigned with other freshmen or incoming transfers.

Link is in the blue bar at the top of this webpage.

Use your UTC ID and password to log in.

Please email letting us know to reactivate your application.

Please complete the Housing Cancellation Request form by logging into your Manage My Housing. The pre-payment may be refundable in full if cancellation is received prior to May 1, 2021. If cancellation is received prior to June 1, 2021 student will be refunded 50% of the pre-payment. After June 1, 2021 there are no refunds. 

You will also want to contact admissions to cancel your enrollment.

Details will be sent to your MOCs email account. Please check to verify your cancellation was processed.

If you have an accommodation request please complete the form at the bottom of this page to be reviewed by the Disability Resource Center

Please send an email from your UTC email account with specific information on your request to