Housing Forms and Policies

Students completing this form to request disability-related accommodations will also need to connect with the Disability Resource Center. Please complete the DRC form linked here with information for your request. If you have any questions about connecting with the DRC, please call 423-425-4006 or email [email protected].
Applicant Information
Full Name
Your UTC ID, such as KLM456
Current Classification
Requesting Accommodations For
Disability Resource Center registration status
Are you connected with the Disability Resource Center? If you are not connected with the Disability Resource Center, you will need to do so by completing the form here. If you have any questions about connecting with the DRC, please call 423-425-4006 or email [email protected].
Accommodation Information
What accommodations have you previously received?
Select Accommodations
Please indicate your disability-related housing accommodation request(s) by selecting an accommodation listed below.

For ESA: Please see guidelines linked here or email [email protected] for more information about ESA requests.
Please explain in impacts section.
Please share how your disability impacts you in the housing environment related to your accommodation request.
Please list or describe any adaptive equipment you currently use or would like to use
Building and Community Preferences
Please share information for any roommates and building preferences in order below. While these preferences are considered for all students who have a disability-related housing accommodation need, space assignments are made based on availability.
Are you part of a group, team or Residential Learning Community that has specific housing requirements? If so please list Name(s) of the group(s) for example: Honors, Athletics, Business RLC.
Roommate Preference
List one student's name if you have a roommate preference.
Roommate Preference (Name)
List your roommate preference's UTC ID.
Please choose your desired building.
Please choose an alternate, in case your desired building is not available.
Please choose another, in case your desired and alternate buildings are not available.


Housing and Residence Life