Personal Training


ARC Personal Training

Come by the ARC today and begin your fitness journey with one of our nationally certified personal trainers. Our goal is to educate, motivate and empower our clients to reach their goals as quickly and safely as possible!

For more information contact our Personal Training staff at: 423-425-5673 or 

PAR-Q+ and Physician Referral Form: HERE

One-on-One Personal Training Packages



ARC Members

1 session

$25 $40

3 sessions

$60 ($20/session) $90 ($30/session)

6 sessions

$110 ($18/session) $140 ($23/session)

12 sessions

$200 ($16/session) $240 ($20/session)

Additional sessions

$20/session $25/session

One-on-One Personal Training sessions are only able to be purchased in the ARC Main Office.  Upon purchase of your sessions, you can use them how frequently you want within a year. 

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ARC Fit Start Program



ARC Members

Fit Start

2 sessions!

$40 $55

This packages is designed for beginners as a starting point to a new fitness program.  It includes 2 separate session with a certified personal trainer. ARC Fit Starts are purchased through the ARC Main Office.

Session 1:includes a full fitness orientation and body composition assessment and goal setting, using our top of the line Body Metrix system. (1 hour)

Session 2: includes a 1 hour personal training session geared toward the client's personal fitness goals. (Come dressed and ready to workout) 

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Small Group Training



ARC Members

Early Bird Pricing

(9/16/19 - 10/1/19)

$99 ($8.25/session) $99 ($8.25/session)

Increased Pricing

(10/2/19 - 10/9/19)

$118 ($9.83/session) $118 ($9.83/session)

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Small Group Training is a 6 week program.  All participants meet with their trainer twice a week at set days at times for 6 weeks.  Sessions are Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  This includes pre/post measurements and a fun atmosphere to help you reach your goals!  

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Body Composition and Goal Setting



ARC Members

Body Metrix

$10 $15

Our Body Metrix provides you in depth information on your body fat, basal metabolic rate, circumference measurements, and more! You create your own personal account that keeps all of your information in one place so you are able to see your trends as you go on your fitness journey!  Body Metrix sessions are purchased through the ARC Main Office.

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Refund Policy:

Once a payment for purchase of a package or service from the UTC Aquatic and Recreation Center is completed, no refunds will be allowed.

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