Fitness Equipment

The ARC has selected the best aerobic equipment from six different companies. There are a total of 65 pieces of aerobic equipment in the ARC. You have the opportunity to choose how you want to workout each day. There are many different types of workouts from endurance to strength training available to you using this equipment.

Cardiovascular Equipment

  • Helix

    • (6) NEW Lateral Ellipticals
  • Concept II

    • (4)  Concept II Rowers. Great for calorie burn and cross training.
  • Cybex

    • Treadmills (18)
    • Cybex Arc Trainers in both a Lower Body (4) and Total Body version (2). 
  • LifeFitness

    •  (2) Upright Bikes, (2) Recumbent Bikes, and (4)  X7 Cross-trainers.
    • All of the above have iPod access, USB, and over 40 preset programs.
  • Octane

    • (4) Seated Ellipticals - Great for getting in a workout while studying.
  • SciFit

    • We have three pieces of SciFit rehab equipment: one Treadmill, one Upper Body Ergometer and one Seated Stepper. Both the UBE and the Stepper can be used by wheelchair users with a simple adjustment.
  • Versa Climber

    • One of the best aerobic pieces in the ARC. Great for preparing your body for climbing our rock walls in the ARC.
  • Stepmill

    • Located beside the Versa Climber is the rotating Stairmill StepMaster machine. Great cardio and leg sculpting.

Strength Training

Here at the ARC we strongly believe in meeting the recommendations for exercise following the American College of Sports Medicine. Meeting both Cardio and Strength Training guidelines is important to us and we have developed our fitness floor in a way that everyone can make fitness gains.

Our Fitness Floor has been arranged in such a way that all types and fitness levels can access and use our equipment.

  • Free Weights

    • Our Free Weights area contains everything from benches, Squat Racks, Ivanko weight plates, and brand new TROY Dumbbells ranging from 2.5-125 Pounds. With a mix of Cybex and Hammer Strength Free weight loading machines we have the equipment to meet your needs.
  • Resistance Machines

    • We currently have resistance training weight machines from Cybex, Eagle Strength, Nautilus, Keiser, and Life Fitness. These machines are great for everyone. Pulley-assisted, these machines are designed to train certain muscle groups with the ability to lead the person through full range of motion. Great for all fitness levels.
  • Core Training

    • With a huge ab mat training area located on our fitness floor and with 6 core developing machines on the floor as well, we are able to provide you with the space necessary to blast your core and train comfortably. 

Other Fitness Equipment

We also have a TRX system mounted close to the climbing area. Along with our ab area we have Kettlebells, Bosu Balls, Jump Ropes, Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, Battling Ropes, Plyometric Boxes, Foam Rollers, Resistance Bands, POLAR Heart Rate Monitors, and Versa Stability Balls are all available to you!