Photography / Filming       

      To respect the privacy and security of students and members who utilize the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Campus Recreation facilities and programs, the department has a zero-tolerance policy against unwanted photography and filming.
      Taking photos or video without the consent of the individual or without prior approval is cause for immediate removal and possible suspension from Campus Recreation facilities and programs. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or additional social media sites.
Photography and Filming Rules:

  • Photography and filming is strictly forbidden in any Campus Recreation locker room
    or restroom facilities.
  • Any unwanted or inappropriate photography or filming will be not tolerated within any Campus Recreation facility.
  • A Campus Recreation assigned Media Pass must be worn and visible at all times by those doing pre-approved filming/photographing.

Media/Commercial Access

Media access is defined as media obtained or reproduced for use by a third-party media outlet that is not affiliated with UTC. All media/commercial access must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Media Pass Procedures

  1. Complete the Photography/Filming Request form 48 hours prior to filming and send to the Coordinator of Operations. You will be contacted to confirm your request.
  2. Once permission has been granted, please check in with the customer service desk of the facility upon arrival. A Customer Service Representative will grant you access and assign you a media pass.
  3. Photographers must seek permission from individual participants before proceeding with photography/videography. A photo release must be provided by the photographer.
  4. Upon completion of the photo/film shoot, check out with the Customer Service Representative and return your media pass.


 - Photography & Filming Request Form

Contact a Campus Recreation staff member to report any questions or concerns.