Room Assignment Information for Current Students


  • 18/19 Room Selection

    Current Student application will open - Monday, January 22, 2018

    Students must apply by Sunday, February 25, 2018 to be eligible for room selection.

    Room Selection held March 5-9, 2017.

Students who applied by the 2/25/18 deadline will be able to log in to Manage My Housing during Room Selection and select their room for 2017/2018.

18/19 Room Selection Guide (PDF)

  • 18/19 Meal Plan Requirements
    • Freshmen and Sophomores living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan
    • Juniors and Seniors may choose not to have a meal plan
    • Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior status is based on your current credit hours earned.
      • If your credit hours change after a semester ends resulting in your classification changing, you may log in to Manage My Housing  to update your meal plan preference.
      • The University classifies undergraduate students as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors according to the number of credit hours the student has completed. The following table presents the relation between class standing and semesters hours completed.
        • Freshman: 0-29 semester hours
        • Sophomore: 30-59 semester hours
        • Junior: 60-89 semester hours
        • Senior: 90 or more semester hours
    • For more details of the meal plans please visit: UTC Dining Fall 2018 Meal Plans

***Due to a high Fall 2017 occupancy we will not have a Free Move Period, please contact your Resident Director with any questions about room changes.


A resident may request to move to another room/complex.

Student can complete the room change request form through Manage My Housing.

  • Students who submit the form during the Free Move Period, (TBD) will not be required to meet with their Resident Director nor pay the $25 room change fee.
  • Students who submit the form after the Free Move Period will have to meet with their Resident Director for approval and will be charged the $25 room change fee if approved to move.
  • Room change approvals will be sent from the main housing office.
Please be aware, if you are requesting to move to a room with a higher rate:
  • If you have a balance with the University then you are ineligible to participate until the balance is cleared.
  • These additional fees will be due and payable immediately and will result in a hold on your account if not paid. 
Room change forms submitted after the Free Move Period must be approved by your Resident Director, please schedule a meeting with them to get the form approved. 
  • Resident Directors  will initially approve the request which will then be sent to the Main Housing office for final approval, provided rooms are available.
  • Starting January 17th, students will be notified via email by the main housing office when they are eligible to move.
  • Students will have 48 hours to move from their old room to their new room.
  • Room changes will continue to be approved throughout the semester, as long as rooms are available.
  • Student must checkout of their old room with a Resident Assistant and turn in their key within 48 hours.
  • Room changes are subject to room availability and are not guaranteed.
After the Free Move Period, the Housing department will determine if any consolidation is necessary.  Apartments/Rooms with vacancies may be consolidated.
Residents living on campus for the fall 2017 will remain assigned to the same room for the spring 2018 semester. All fall residents have signed a 9-month academic year contract (fall & spring semesters). 
Current students who completed an application but did not select a room during room selection are automatically placed on the waiting list.
  • We will assign students off the waiting list based on application complete date (earliest first).
  • If you no longer wish to be on the waiting list please send us an email to cancel your application,
  • Check your email for updates on your assignment.
click the Summer Services link in the left menu.
  • Application opens in March.
All fall semester room changes must be requested before Thanksgiving and approval/move must be completed by December 1st.  If you wish to have a new assignment for the spring semester, please check back for complete details on the winter break room change process.