West Campus Housing Construction 


  Location: Intersection of Vine & Houston

  Project Lead: Danny West

  Projected Completion: June 2018 (Housing);  Tennis                     Center will finish January 2017

  Project Type: New Construction

  Building Use: Housing

  Project Phase: Design

Description: The project consists of housing,  a  parking garage and retail space. The Racquet  Center and tennis courts will be demolished to  prepare the site for construction. A new tennis center will be created along with new  courts.

Potential Disruptions: The construction site will use Vine and Houston streets for access. Therewill be brief disruptions to Lot 35, which will be coordinated with Parking services, Arena Staff and Athletics.


Information To Current Residents

Housing would like to take the time to inform you of some potential disruptions to the normal routine which will take place in the Fall semester.  As you already know, the unviersity began construction on a new residence hall during the 15/16 academic year. At some point during the semester, parking on Vine Street will be eliminated due to the progress. Due to heat conditions, construction will begin as early as 4:00 am until the weather cools down.  During the cooler months the work will begin at 7:00 am.  

At any point if you have questions or concerns, please contact your Resident Director. 


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