Hometown: Nashville, TN

Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Human Resource Management from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville & Master’s Degree in Higher Education, Student Affairs from Florida State University

What are some things that make you unique: I am married and have a daughter named Harper who was born in March 2017, which has made life after work an adventure every day! 

What do you enjoy doing around Chattanooga: I enjoy recreational activities like golf, and I enjoy participating in Intramural sports like volleyball and soccer. (Yes, they allow professional staff to play Intramural sports!) I also enjoy travelling and exploring new sights and experiences, and Chattanooga is a great place for that!

What is your advice to residents/students: Learn to seek out what you like and recognize what you do not like. Invest your time in your schoolwork and activities that promote your overall well-being, whether physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.

What is your advice to outgoing upperclassmen: Strive to become the person you idealize. The end of college is only the beginning of your journey to self-discovery. Don’t assume that you become a different person by walking across a graduation stage (even though it is a tremendous accomplishment). The ideals and values you held in college will stay with you after graduation if you do not make intentional efforts to change them. Ensure that your moral character, those with whom you surround yourself, and your work ethic are all in check, and you will transition successfully!