Residential Connection Model

Students living on campus generally spend far more time in their residence hall than they do in the classroom. 

With that in mind, UTC Housing and Residence Life sees the on-campus living experience as an important piece of a student’s university experience and an opportunity to help students learn to live independently and contribute positively to their campus community. Our staff supports these goals through implementation of our Residential Connection model, which is guided by the outcomes below.

Our Residence Life staff works to help each student living with us meet these outcomes by way of various educational strategies (events, bulletin boards and one-on-one conversations with residents).  More information about these strategies and what residents can expect their Resident Assistant or Resident Director to do is provided when students check in to their on-campus assignment.

residential connection model logo

Connected to your Personal Wellness

  • Students should be able to live independently.
  • Students should be able to identify three strategies to engage in conflict resolution in a solution-focused way.
  • Students should be able to make responsible decisions about alcohol and drug use.

Connected to your Campus Community

  • Students should make at least one new friend as a result of living on campus.
  • Students should feel connected to their residence hall community.
  • Students should be able to recognize the impact their actions or language have on others in their community.
  • Students should understand that personal identities are multidimensional.
  • Students should be able to form connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Connected to UTC

  • Students should recognize that living on campus supports their academic success.
  • Students should be knowledgeable of available campus academic resources.
  • Students should be knowledgeable of available campus non-academic resources.
  • Students should feel a sense of belonging to the UTC community.