Laundry Services

Student sitting on laundry machine

LaundryView Online Monitoring System 

Laundry View computer
  • View the status of campus washers and dryers from anywhere.

  • Unavailable - machine is out of service
  • Idle - machine has finished a cycle, but the laundry has not been removed
  • Available - machine is not currently running a cycle

  • In Use - machine is running

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LaundryView Mobile

Laundry View Mobile App
  • Download the convenient application and keep up with your laundry anywhere, anytime.

Text Alerts

Text alert for laundry view
  • While in the laundry room, note the unique code on the Text Alerts poster and the numbers on the label of the washer or dryer you want to monitor.
  • Once your cycle has started, send a text message to with the label of the machine you wish to monitor and the unique code separated by the *.   Example - A01*999992
  • Once the cycle has completed, you will receive a text message alert on your mobile phone!
  • If you want to request an alert later and want to know the unique code for the room, you can visit this web site and read it from the table shown above.








Email Alerts

  • Send an email with the label of the machine and the unique code separated by an * as the subject of the email to

Washing Instructions

washing instructions
  • Load washer, leaving about five inches of space from the top
  • Add detergent
  • Select your cycle
  • When the machine door locks, do not attempt to open until the cycle is complete








Drying Instructions

dryer instructions
  • Clean lint screen for maximum air flow
  • 1 washer load = 1 dryer load
  • Check clothing tags for drying instructions
  • Select desired temperature setting