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UTC Video

UTC physical therapy students team up with the Chattanooga Ballet in hopes to help each other learn and grow in their professions.

UTC Video

Dr. Henry Spratt talks about his 35 years of studying bacteria and soils, and where he is at now. Check it out in this CIDC YouTube video above!

Student banquet stage and event

Student Banquet Album

tables in an event space

Alumni Fall Festival Album

UTC Video

Faculty and 3rd Year PT Students Trip to Haiti

Dr. Cathie Smith and Dr. June Hanks lead a group of 3rd year physical therapy students toward helping Haitians in clinics and sharing lessons with local students in six different cities.

Dr. Randy Walker Luncheon for Tribute

Dr. Randy Walker (left) Honored

DPT Director Dr. Ingram (right) speaking on his impact on campus.

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Fell Service Award
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Fell Service Award 2
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Camp Wakawalu
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Nursing 2015 ipcp ages health fair spring
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Nursing 2015 ipcp ages health fair spring 10
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Nursing 2015 ipcp ages health fair spring 11
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Nursing 2015 ipcp ages health fair spring 27
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David Levine Physical Therapy
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UTC DPT Faculty Titans Stadium
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Dr. Ingram Senator Watson Governor Haslam 2
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Physical Therapy Forum 2014 Alumnus of the Year
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Conclave 2013
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Cathie Smith aau photo
Day on the Hill
Day on the Hill 2
Day on the Hill 3
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Old Web 3 Photo
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Old Web 0 Photo PAC Group
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Cathie Teaching Europe
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wandering 4 some and smith in dublin 1
Honors Day 2012

Dr. Nancy Fell, Outstanding Service/ Outreach Award; Dr. Randy Walker, Department Head; Dr. Debbie Ingram, Outstanding Research/Scholarship Award

Honors Day 2012 2

BenchMark Physical Therapy

Outstanding Clinical Partner Award

Amy Pause Physical Therapy

Amy Pause

Sharon Antoszyk Physical Therapy

Sharon Antoszyk

Click here to view Sharon's abstract

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Stanford Award 2012 2
Thanksgiving 2011
Thanksgiving 2011 2
Thanksgiving 2011 3
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Oxford 2011
Grad 2011 1
Grad 2011 2
Grad 2011 3

DPT in UTC News Releases

Alum wants to help you RVIVE day-to-day living

RVIVE is available at the App Store and Google Play. “How is your mood today?” It sounds like the first question a therapist—physical or mental—might ask at the beginning of a session. But generally speaking, a living, breathing therapist doesn’t then hold up signs with emojis expressing “Happy” on one end and “Stressed” on the other, with “Unsure,” “Tired” “Anxious” and others in between. RVIVE does. “It incorporates how…

Helping high-risk infants is Smith’s passion

She’s known as “The Baby Whisperer.” For 25 years, Cathie Smith has been a valuable member of the physical therapy department at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Cathie Smith sits in Mapp building classroom

During her tenure at the university, Smith has become a recognized expert in pediatric physical therapy — particularly for her work in neonatal intensive care units — and she is well-known in the Chattanooga community for her work in children’s therapy… 

UTC graduate inducted into Alumni Association Presidents council

Presentation screen with President's Council logo

1993 graduate John Staley chosen for Alumni Association's Past President’s Council. 

Ingram, Denniston named to All-Southern Conference faculty and staff team

Two from UTC chosen for Southern Conference honors 

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy