UTC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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You can locate your registration date and time (or time-ticket) by accessing your “Registration Status” link on your MyMocsNet account

Login to your MyMocsNet account, click on the “Academics” tab at the top of the page, then click on “Registration Status” link under the “Registration and Student Records” heading.

Priority Registration allows currently enrolled students to register for classes for subsequent semesters before newly admitted students register. 

Students receive time-tickets for priority registration based upon earned hours—the more earned hours a student has the earlier their time-ticket. 

In-progress hours for the current term are not included in earned hours. Earned hours are successfully completed hours. 

  • 90+ hours is a senior
  • 60-89 hours is a junior
  • 30-59 hours is a sophomore
  • 0-29 hours is a freshman

Newly admitted students and currently enrolled students can register during open registration.

Newly admitted students register based upon their assigned time-ticket.

Time-tickets indicate the date and time students are eligible to begin registering.  Students can register any time after initial time-ticket appointment through the last day to register for the semester but not before their time-ticket indicates.  Refer to the academic calendar on the Records Office website calendar for important semester dates.

Students scheduled to graduate in the current term do not receive a time-ticket.  Graduating students must reapply to either the Admission Office as a post-baccalaureate or Graduate School to receive a time-ticket.

Readmitted students will be assigned a Readmit time-ticket. New freshmen and transfer students time-tickets are assigned based on their registration for an Orientation session.

All students are required to be advised before they are allowed to register for classes. 

If you are unsure of who your advisor is, check your MyMocsNet account. If no advisor is listed, contact your major department. If you are a freshmen or an undecided major, contact the UTC Center for Academic Support and Advisement in room 335 of the Library. 

Once you meet with your advisor, the "Advising Required" hold will be released and you'll be able to make registration changes at that time.

There are a number of errors that you could receive while trying to register for courses. Below is a list of possibilities. See "What about Overrides?" to find information about overrides for these errors.

  • Class is closed: This class is either at capacity or is a "0 capacity" course that is being maintained by the academic department. Students can get on a waitlist if it is an available option.
  • Co-requisite: This class requires students take a course or courses along side it. Please read the course description to find out what class or classes that may be.
  • Must meet prerequisite or test score: This course requires students to have already completed a course/courses or has a test score requirement. Read the course description to find out the course's specific requirements.
  • You do not have sufficient hours to take this course: This course restricts juniors, sophomores, and/or freshman from taking it. Read the course description to see who is eligible to take the course.
  • Specific program required for this course: This course is restricted for specific program or minors. Read the course description to see which programs or minors are allowed to take the course.
  • Time conflict with CRN#: This indicates that you are trying to add a course that conflicts in time with a course you're already registered for.
  • Contract Required: This is a course that requires a signed contract. These contracts must be turned into the Mocs One Center for the students to be registered. (Note: there is no departmental override for this error)

Overrides are provided by the department in which the class in question is offered.  You will need to approach the department head, or whomever he or she has authorized to handle overrides, and ask for the override appropriate to your situation. Click here for a list of department heads and their contact information.

  • Closed Class Override: allows a student to register for a closed class (class has met maximum enrollment) or a class with a zero limit.
  • Co-requisite Override: allows a student to take a course that requires another specific course independent of a course that is required simultaneously.
  • Prerequisite Override:  allows a student to take a course without meeting the prerequisite requirement.
  • Classification Override: allows freshmen or sophomores to take 3000 or 4000 level courses or courses that require a certain number of earned hours.
  • Program Override:  allows a student to register for a course that is limited to specific majors.
  • Time Conflict Override: allows a student to register for a course that is closer than ten minutes between a course that the student is already registered for.
  • Regular Audit: Register for the course online for credit. Once you are registered in the course, contact the Records Office at records@utc.edu to request that the course be changed to audit credit.
  • Senior Citizen Audit: Register for the course(s) online for credit OR come into the office for registration assistance. If you register yourself for the course you may email the Records Office at records@utc.edu to request that the course be changed to audit credit. You should also contact the Bursar’s Office (423-425-4781) to let them know you are a Senior Citizen Auditor so that fees can be appropriately adjusted.

   Audit courses do not count towards Financial Aid hours.

You can drop a class until the Last Date to Officially Drop date as posted on the academic calendar

If you drop a class during the registration period at the beginning of the semester, the course will not appear on your transcript and you will not receive a “W” (withdrawal). If you drop a course after the registration period at the beginning of the semester, your transcript will reflect a “W”. Refunds for a class are based upon the refund schedule posted on the Bursar's Website.

Monetary (you owe the University money), High School Transcripts, and Immunization Records are examples of holds that will prevent you from being able to register for class. The "Advising Required" hold will also prevent registration. 

You can check to see if you have any holds by logging into your MyMocsNet account, clicking on the “Academics” tab at the top of the page and then clicking the “Holds” link under the “Registration and Student Records” heading. Any holds will appear on this page.  You will need to address any holds you find with the department in which the hold originated. 

All payments are made through the Bursar's Office.  Refer to the Bursar’s website for Payment Information.

Refer to the Financial Aid tab in your MyMocsNet account or the Financial Aid website. Students can visit the Mocs One Center for personal assistance.

The fee deadline is the date that all payment for fees must be made for the upcoming semester.  If fees are not paid by the deadline classes will be dropped for non-payment and you will need to re-register once registration reopens.

Confirm classes by paying your fees or tuition for the upcoming semester by the fee deadline.  If you are receiving Financial Aid you will want to check your MyMocsNet account to be sure that the aid has been applied prior to the fee deadline and that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of tuition and fees.  If Financial Aid has not been applied contact the Financial Aid Office at 423-425-4677.

If your classes were cancelled due to non-payment, you will need to re-register for classes.  There is no guarantee that you will be able to re-register for the same classes that you were initially registered for.  You will have to choose from classes that are “open,” or not full, at the time you re-register.  If the classes are “closed,” or full, then you can check with the appropriate department about the possibility of a closed class override.

Your advisor will be able to help you choose the courses you need to take.