Commencement Participation Request

This special request form is designed for students who are (A) graduating in August and would like to participate in a ceremony; OR (B) unable to participate in the commencement ceremony being held at the end of their final semester of enrollment.

  • Students who are attending commencement in the same semester they are graduating should not submit a commencement participation request. 
  • Participating in a commencement ceremony is not equivalent to receiving an awarded degree.
  • The May form is only available during Spring semesters.
  • The December form is only available during Summer and Fall semesters.

Eligibility Requirements to Request to Participate

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Before requesting to participate in the ceremony, all students must Submit an Application for Graduation through MyMocsNet for the semester when all degree requirements will be complete. 

Undergraduate graduation 2022


  • Must have no more than 20 incomplete credit hours remaining by the time of Commencement ceremony.
  • Must meet the minimum GPA requirements for graduation including:
    • Institutional (UTC) and
    • Major and
    • Overall 
DPT 2023 Graduation  student hooding


  • Must be enrolled in a non-thesis or non-dissertation program OR Thesis or dissertation defended and submitted to UTC scholar.
  • Must have no more than 6 hours remain for degree completion.
  • Must register for remaining credit hours for degree completion.
  • Must meet the minimum GPA required for the degree.

Office of the University Registrar

Office of the University Registrar