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SubjectCourseTitleUTC SubjectUTC CourseUTC TitleAttribute Comments
AC211Principles of Acctg IACC2010Principles of Accounting ILDV
ACC1104Principles of Accounting IACC2010Principles of Accounting ILDV
ACC1105Principles of Accounting IIACC2020Principles of Accounting IILDV
ACCT316Gov & Fund AccountingACC3XXXGov & Fund AccountingUDV
ACCT2010Prin Financial Acctg IACC2010Principles of Accounting ILDV
ACCT2020Prin Managerial Acctg IIACC2020Principles of Accounting IILDV
AEAO1020Academic RecoveryELEC1XXXAcademic RecoveryLDV
AERO1010Foundations of U.S. Air ForceMILS1XXXFoundations of U.S. Air ForceLDV
AERO1011Freshman Leadership LabMILS1XXXFreshman Leadership LabLDV
AERO2010USAF Air and Space PowerMILS2XXXUSAF Air and Space Power
AERO2011Sophomore Leadership LabMILS2XXXSophomore Leadership LabLDV
AERO2020Airpower HistoryMILS2XXXAirpower HistoryLDV
AERO2021Sophomore Leadership LabMILS2XXXSophomore Leadership LanLDV
AFAS360African Extended FamilyELEC3XXXAfrican Extended FamilyUDV
AFAS365African-American CmtyELEC3XXXAfrican-American CmtyUDV
AFAS395Great Debate:Mlk/Malcom XELEC3XXXGreat Debate: MLK/Malcom XUDV
AFAS2010Intro to Africana StudiesHIST2XXXIntro to Africana StudiesLDV, SSCI
AFAS2020Survey of AfricaELEC2XXXSurvey of AfricaLDV
AFAS2110Cultural Anth of AfricaANTH2XXXCultural Anth of AfricaLDV
AFAS3400African Spiritual Phil IELEC3XXXAfrican Spiritual Phil IUDV
AFAS3620The African American FamilyELEC3XXXThe African American Family
AFAS3950The Great DebateELEC3XXXThe Great DebateUDV
AGSC1200Intro to Plant ScienceELEC1XXXIntro to Plant Science
AGSC1410Intro to Animal ScienceELEC1XXXIntro to Animal Science
AGSC2010Intro to AgriBusinessELEC2XXXIntro to AgriBusiness
AGSC2020Intro to Agribusiness MgmtELEC2XXXIntro to Agribusiness Mgmt
AGSC2410Intro to Poultry ScienceELEC2XXXIntro to Poultry Science
AGSC3111Intro Leadership:Prac Appl HonELEC3XXXIntro Leadership:Prac Appl HonUDV
AGSC3120Intro to Applied StaELEC3XXXIntro to Applied StaUDV
AGSC3400Animal Breeding and GenetiELEC3XXXAnimal Breeding and GenetiUDV
AHP100Orient to AhpELEC1XXXOrient to Ahp
ANTH2300Intro to Cultural AnthropologyANTH1200Cultural AnthropologyLDV, NWCC, NWCL, SSCI
AREN1001Intro ArchitecturalELEC1XXXIntro Architectural
AREN2310Architectural HistoryELEC2XXXArchitectural HistoryTBR
ARP100Orient to ArpELEC1XXXOrient to Arp
ART133Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtLDV, TBR, VPAR
ART133Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtLDV, TBR, VPAR
ART1010Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtLDV, TBR, VPAR
ART1012Art History and AppreciationART1XXXArt History and AppreciationLDV, TBR
ART1030Art AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtLDV, TBR, VPAR
ART1210Fundamentals of Drawing IART1050Observational DrawingLDV
ART1320Design IIART1020Space and SequenceLDV
ART2010African-American Art IART2XXXAfrican-American Art ILDV
ART2210Painting IART2070Painting ILDV
ART3300Watercolor PaintingART3XXXWatercolor PaintingUDV
ART4400Intro Desktop PublishingART4XXXIntro Desktop PublishingUDV
ART133UArt AppreciationART1110Introduction to ArtLDV, VPAR
ARTH2011Survey of Art History IART2140Hist West Art Prehist to MedHIST, LDV, TBR, VPAR
ASOR1001Orientation Science MajorELEC1XXXOrientation Science Major
ASOR1002Orientation Social Sci MajorELEC1XXXOrientation Social Sci Major
ASOR1003Orientation Humanities MajorHUM1XXXOrientation Humanities MajorLDV
ASOR100AOrientation Sci MajorsELEC1XXXOrientation Sci Majors
ASOR100BOrientation Soc Sci MajELEC1XXXOrientation Soc Sci Maj
ASOR100COrientation Hum MajorsELEC1XXXOrientation Hum Majors
ASTR1010Astronomy IASTR1010Intro to Astr-Solar SystemLDV, LEC
ASTR1010Astronomy IASTR1010LAstr Lab-the Solar SystemLAB, LDV
ASTR1020Astronomy IIASTR1020LAstr Lab-Stars to GalaxiesLAB, LDV
ASTR1020Astronomy IIASTR1020Intro to Astr-Stars to GalaxLDV, LEC
BIO101Intro to Biophysical ScienceBIOL1XXXIntro to Biophysical ScienceLDV
BIO102Intro Biophysical Sci IIBIOL1XXXIntro Biophysical Sci IILDV
BIO111General BiologyBIOL1110Principles of Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIO112General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology IILBSC, LDV
BIO211General Biology IIBIOL2XXXGeneral Biology IILDV
BIO221Human Anatomy & PhysiologyBIOL2060Functional Human AnatomyLDV
BIO222Human Anatomy & PhysioloBIOL2080Human PhysiologyLDV
BIO410Special TopicsBIOL4XXXSpecial TopicsUDV
BIO411Molecular GeneticsBIOL4200Molecular GeneticsUDV
BIO414Contem Problems EcologyESC4XXXContem Problems EcologyUDV
BIO418Senior SeminarBIOL4XXXSenior SeminarUDV
BIO427Physiology & Pathophy IBIOL4XXXPhysiology & Pathophy IUDV
BIO428Physiology & Pathophysio IiBIOL4XXXPhysiology & Pathophysio IIUDV
BIO432Field BotanyBIOL4XXXField BotanyUDV
BIO211LCell Biology LabBIOL2XXXCell Biology LabLDV
BIO432LField Botany LabBIOL4XXXField Botany LabUDV
BIOL1010Introduction to Biology IBIOL1XXXIntroduction to Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIOL1020Introductory Biology IIBIOL1XXXIntroductory Biology IILBSC, LDV
BIOL1022Honors Intro Biology IIBIOL1XXXHonors Intro Biology IILDV
BIOL1030General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIOL1040General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology IILDV, LEC
BIOL1041General Biology Lab IIBIOL1120LPrinciples of Biology II LabLAB, LDV
BIOL1110General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIOL1112Honors General Biology IBIOL1110Principles of Biology ILBSC, LDV
BIOL1120General Biology IIBIOL1120Principles of Biology IILBSC, LDV
BIOL2020Human Anatomy Physiology IIBIOL2080Human PhysiologyLDV
BIOL2110Cell BiologyBIOL2XXXCell BiologyLDV
BIOL2120Principles of GeneticsBIOL3250GeneticsUDV
BIOL2120Principles of GeneticsBIOL3260Genetics LaboratoryUDV
BIOL2210Human Anatomy & PhysiologyBIOL2060Functional Human AnatomyLBSC, LDV
BIOL2211Human Anatomy & Phys LabBIOL2060LFunctional Human Anat LabLDV
BIOL2211Human Anatomy Physiology labBIOL2080LHuman Physiology LabLDV
BIOL2220Human Anatomy & PhysiologyBIOL2080Human PhysiologyLBSC, LDV
BIOL2221Human Anatomy Physiology LabBIOL2080LHuman Physiology LabLDV
BIOL2230Intro Microbiology with LabBIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLBSC, LDV
BIOL2400Principles of MicrobiologyBIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLBSC, LDV
BIOL3400Intro Microbial PhysiologyBIOL3XXXIntro Microbial PhysiologyUDV
BIOL3410Princ General BacteriologyBIOL3XXXPrinc General BacteriologyUDV
BIOL4100Special TopicsBIOL4XXXSpecial TopicsUDV
BIOL4120Principles of EcologyBIOL3060EcologyUDV
BIOL4121Principles of Ecology LabBIOL3070Ecology LaboratoryUDV
BIOL4130Contemporary Prbl in Ecology IESC4XXXContemporary Prbl in Ecology IUDV
BIOL4140Contemp Problems In Ecology IIESC4XXXContemp Problems In Ecology IIUDV
BIOL4180Senior Seminar IIBIOL4XXXSenior Seminar IIUDV
BIOL4190Junior Honors ResearchBIOL4XXXJunior Honors ResearchUDV
BIOL4272Physiology and PathophysiologyBIOL4XXXPhysiology & PathophysiologyUDV
BIOL4273Physiology & Pathophys LabBIOL4XXXPhysiology & Pathophys LabUDV
BIOL4300Intro to Plant PhysiologyBIOL4360Plant PhysiologyUDV
BIOL4400Pathogenic MicroorganismsBIOL4XXXPathogenic MicroorganismsUDV
BIOL4401Pathogenic MicroorganismsBIOL4XXXPathogenic MicroorganismsUDV
BIOL4410Immunology and SerologyBIOL4XXXImmunology and SerologyUDV
BIOL4920Honors Undergrad ResearchBIOL4997ResearchREP, UDV
BIOL4930Current Biomedical TopicsBIOL4XXXCurrent Biomedical TopicsUDV
BIOL4950MARC Seminar SeriesBIOL4XXXMACR Seminar SeriesUDV
BIOL432LField Botany LabBIOL4XXXField Botany LabUDV
BISE3150Business CommunicationsMGT3100Business CommunicationUDV
BISI2150Microcomputer ApplicationsCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI, LDV
BISI3230Mgmt Information SystemsMGT3600Management Information SystemsUDV
BISI3250Adv Data Analysis SpreadsheetsCPSC3XXXAdv Data Analysis SpreadsheetsUDV
BLAW3000Legal Environment of BusinessBUS3350Legal Environment of BusinessUDV
CHEM121Gen ChemistryCHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHEM122Gen ChemistryCHEM1120General Chemistry IILDV, LEC
CHEM151Gen Chemistry for EngrCHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHEM211Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry IUDV
CHEM250Introduction to PharmacologyCHEM2XXXIntroduction to PharmacologyLDV
CHEM300Introductory Inorganic ChemistCHEM3310Inorganic ChemistryUDV
CHEM310Intro to Analy ChemistryCHEM3XXXIntro to Analy ChemistryUDV
CHEM311Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry IUDV
CHEM331Fund of Physical Chem ICHEM3710Physical Chemistry IUDV
CHEM332Fund of Physical Chem IICHEM3720Physical Chemistry IIUDV
CHEM341Gen Biochemistry ICHEM3XXXGen Biochemistry IUDV
CHEM342General Biochemistry IICHEM3XXXGeneral Biochemistry IIUDV
CHEM410Scientific CommunicationsCHEM4XXXScientific CommunicationsUDV
CHEM450Senior ProjectCHEM4XXXSenior ProjectUDV
CHEM470Biochemical AnalysisCHEM4XXXBiochemical AnalysisUDV
CHEM1000Basic ChemistryCHEM1XXXBasic ChemistryLDV
CHEM1001Basic Chemistry LabCHEM1XXXBasic Chemistry LabLDV
CHEM1010Intro to Chem I with LabCHEM1XXXIntro to Chem I with LabLBSC, LDV
CHEM1011Gen Chem I LabCHEM1XXXGen Chem I LabLDV
CHEM1021General Chemistry II LabCHEM1XXXGeneral Chemistry II LabLDV
CHEM1030Gen Chem I Non Sci MajorCHEM1XXXGen Chem I Non Sci MajorLDV, LEC
CHEM1031Gen Chem Lab Non SciCHEM1XXXGen Chem Lab Non SciLAB, LDV
CHEM1110General ChemistryCHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHEM1111General Chemistry LabCHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHEM1112Honors General Chemistry ICHEM1110General Chemistry ILDV, LEC
CHEM1113Honors General Chemistry I LabCHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHEM1120General ChemistryCHEM1120General Chemistry IILDV, LEC
CHEM1121General Chemistry II LabCHEM1120LGen Chemistry II LabLAB, LDV
CHEM1122Honors General Chemistry IICHEM1120General Chemistry IILDV, LEC
CHEM1123Honors General Chemistry II LaCHEM1120LGen Chemistry II LabLAB, LDV
CHEM2010Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry IUDV
CHEM2011Organic Chemistry I LabCHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I LaboratoryUDV
CHEM2012Honors Organic Chemistry ICHEM3010Organic Chemistry IUDV
CHEM2013Honors Organic Chemistry I LabCHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I LaboratoryUDV
CHEM2020Organic Chemistry IICHEM3020Organic Chemistry IIUDV
CHEM2021Organic Chemistry Lab IICHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II LabUDV
CHEM2100Intro to Analytical ChemistryCHEM2XXXIntro to Analytical ChemistryLDV
CHEM2101Intro to Analytical Chem LabCHEM2XXXIntro to Analytical Chem LabLDV
CHEM3210Physical Chemistry ICHEM3710Physical Chemistry IUDV
CHEM3211Physical Chemistry I LabCHEM3710LPhysical Chemistry I LabUDV
CHEM3220Physical Chemistry IICHEM3720Physical Chemistry IIUDV
CHEM3221Physical Chemistry II LabCHEM3XXXPhysical Chemistry II LabUDV
CHEM3410General Biochemistry ICHEM4510BiochemistryUDV
CHEM3411General Biochemistry I LabCHEM3XXXGeneral Biochemistry I LabUDV
CHEM3420General Biochemistry IICHEM3XXXGeneral Biochemistry IIUDV
CHEM3421General Biochemistry II LabCHEM3XXXGeneral Biochemistry II LabUDV
CHEM4006Spec Topics BiochemistryCHEM4XXXSpec Topics BiochemistryUDV
CHEM4007Special Topics in Inorganic ChCHEM4XXXSpecial Topics in Inorganic ChUDV
CHEM4100Scientific CommunicationsCHEM2810Scientific CommunicationUDV
CHEM4200Inorganic ChemistryCHEM3310Inorganic ChemistryUDV
CHEM4201Inorganic Chemistry LabCHEM4XXXInorganic Chemistry LabUDV
CHEM4300General BiochemistryCHEM4510BiochemistryUDV
CHEM4320Instrumental AnalysisCHEM4230Instrumental AnalysisUDV
CHEM4505Senior Project ICHEM4XXXSenior Project IUDV
CHEM4506Senior Project IICHEM4XXXSenior Project IIUDV
CHEM4600Spectroscopic MethodsCHEM4XXXSpectroscopic MethodsUDV
CHEM4700Biochemical AnalysisCHEM4XXXBiochemical AnalysisUDV
CHEM4701Biochemical Analysis LabCHEM4XXXBiochemical Analysis LabUDV
CHEM4910SeminarCHEM4830SeminarREP, UDV
CHEM4920Senior Seminar IICHEM4XXXSenior Seminar IIUDV
CHEM121LGen Chemistry LabCHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHEM122LGen Chemistry LabCHEM1120LGen Chemistry II LabLAB, LDV
CHEM151LGen Chem Lab for EngrCHEM1110LGeneral Chemistry I LaboratoryLAB, LDV
CHEM211LOrganic Chemistry Lab ICHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I LaboratoryUDV
CHEM310LAnalytical Chemistry LabCHEM3XXXAnalytical Chemistry LabUDV
CHEM311LOrganic Chemistry Lab ICHEM3010LOrganic Chemistry I LaboratoryUDV
CHEM312LOrganic Chemistry Lab IICHEM3020LOrganic Chemistry II LabUDV
CHEM341LGen Biochemistry Lab ICHEM3XXXGen Biochemistry Lab IUDV
CHEM342LGen Biochemistry Lab IICHEM3XXXGen Biochemistry Lab IIUDV
CHEM470LBiochemical Analysis LabCHEM4XXXBiochemical Analysis LabUDV
CJ400Senior PracticumCRMJ4XXXSenior PracticumUDV
COMM1040Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationLDV
COMM1050Techniques Tech Digital MediaCOMM1XXXTechniques Tech Digital MediaLDV
COMM1060Fundamentals of Media WritingCOMM1XXXFundamentals of Media WritingLDV
COMM2000Intro to Mass CommunicationsCOMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationLDV
COMM2020Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
COMM2200Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
COMM2202Honors Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
COMM2500Electronic Media WritingCOMM2XXXElectronic Media WritingLDV
COMM2600Process Effect of the MediaCOMM2310Media Writing IIINTW, LDV
COMM2620Basic Media PerformanceCOMM2XXXBasic Media PerformanceLDV
COMM2640Digital Media ProductionCOMM2XXXDigital Media ProductionLDV
COMM2800Race,Gender,Class Global MediaCOMM3240Race, Gender and the MediaUDV
COMM3000Media CareersCOMM3XXXMedia CareersUDV
COMM3150Communication Research MethodsCOMM3XXXCommunication Research MethodsUDV
COMM3160Integrated Market CommCOMM3XXXIntegrated Market CommUDV
COMM3340Health CommunicationCOMM4XXXHealth CommunicationUDV
COMM3520Communication Law and EthicsCOMM4510Mass Comm Law and EthicsUDV
COMM3910Communication LaboratoryCOMM3XXXCommunication LaboratoryUDV
COMM4320Intercultural CommunicationCOMM4XXXIntercultural CommunicationUDV
COMM4400Radio & Television ProgrammingCOMM4XXXRadio & Television ProgrammingUDV
COMM4450Entrepreneurship in the ArtsCOMM4XXXEntrepreneurship in the ArtsUDV
COMM4460Creative Advertising StratCOMM4XXXCreative Advertising StratUDV
COMM4480Public RelationsCOMM3330Public Relations WritingUDV
COMM4510Senior Seminar:Market ResearchCOMM4XXXSenior Seminar:Market ResearchUDV
COMM4580Advanced Public RelationsCOMM4XXXAdvanced Public RelationsUDV
COMM4600Special Topics:Black CinemCOMM4XXXSpecial Topics:Black CinemUDV
COMM4800Independent StudyCOMM4XXXIndependent StudyUDV
COMP1210Introduction to ComputingCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI, LDV
COMP1500Intro to Computer ScienceCPSC1XXXIntro to Computer ScienceLDV
COMP2140Computer Programming ICPSC1100Fund of Cmptr ScienceCSLI, LDV
COMP2240Computer Programming IICPSC2XXXComputer Programming IILDV
CRCS1000Intro to Cardio-Respiratory CaELEC1XXXIntro to Cardio-Respiratory Ca
CRCS2014Cardio-Resp Care Sci Clin IELEC2XXXCardio-Resp Care Sci Clin I
CRCS2030Pulmonary Function Testing/ EvELEC2XXXPulmonary Function Testing/Ev
CRCS2031Pulmonary Funct Test Eval LabELEC2XXXPulmonary Funct Test Eval Lab
CRCS2044Cardio Resp Care Scienc Clin IELEC2XXXCardio Resp Care Scienc Clin I
CRCS2110Pulmonary Function in DiseaseELEC2XXXPulmonary Function in Disease
CRCS2120Respiratory PharmacologyELEC2XXXRespiratory Pharmacology
CRCS2320Cardiopulmonary/Renal PhysiolELEC2XXXCardiopulmonary/Renal Physiol
CRCS3010Cardio Resp Care Sci Tech IELEC3XXXCardio Resp Care Sci Tech IUDV
CRCS3011Cardio Resp Care Sci Tech I LELEC3XXXCardio Resp Care Sci Tech I LUDV
CRCS3015A Mechanical VentalationELEC3XXXA Mechanical VentalationUDV
CRCS3016Mechanical Ventilation IiELEC3XXXMechanical Ventilation IiUDV
CRCS3020Cardio-Resp Care Sci Tech Ii/LELEC3XXXCardio-Resp Care Sci Tech Ii/LUDV
CRCS3024Cardio-Resp Care Sci Clinica IELEC3XXXCardio-Resp Care Sci Clinica IUDV
CRCS3030Critical CareELEC3XXXCritical CareUDV
CRCS3040Neonatal/pediatric Respira CarELEC3XXXNeonatal/pediatric Respira CarUDV
CRCS3050Case-Based SeminarELEC3XXXCase-Based SeminarUDV
CRCS3110Current Trends-Respiratory CarELEC3XXXCurrent Trends-Respiratory CarUDV
CRCS3120Professional Examination SeminELEC3XXXProfessional Examination SeminUDV
CRCS3224Cardio-Respirat Care ClinicalELEC3XXXCardio-Respirat Care ClinicalUDV
CRCS4224Adv Critical Care ManagementELEC4XXXAdv Critical Care ManagementUDV
CRCS4264Adv Pulm Func Test & Plum RehaELEC4XXXAdv Pulm Func Test & Plum Reha
CRCS4320Pulmonary Rehab & Home CareELEC4XXXPulmonary Rehab & Home CareUDV
CRCS4410Car-Resp Care ManagementELEC4XXXCar-Resp Care ManagementUDV
CRCS4500Senior ProjectELEC4XXXSenior ProjectUDV
CRMJ2000Intro Criminal Justice StudiesCRMJ1100Intro to Criminal Justice SysLDV, SSCI
CRMJ2010Intro to Law EnforcementCRMJ2XXXIntro to Law EnforcementLDV
CRMJ2020Intro to CorrectionsCRMJ2XXXIntro to CorrectionsLDV
CRMJ3100Criminal TheoryCRMJ3XXXCriminal TheoryUDV
CS121Intro to ComputingCPSC1000Intro To ComputingCSLI, LDV
CS210Computer LaboratoryCPSC2XXXComputer LaboratoryLDV
CS100UComputer LiteracyCPSC1000Intro to ComputingCSLI, LDV
CS100UComputer LiteracyCPSC1000Intro to ComputingCSLI, LDV
CVEN3120Mechanics of MaterialsENCE2460Mechanics of MaterialsUDV
CVEN3121Mechanics of Materials LabENCE2460LMechanics of Materials LabUDV
DSEN81Basic English SkillsENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
DSMA81Found of Mathematics IMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
DSMA82Found of Mathematics IIMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPM700Basic MathematicsMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
DSPM800Elementary AlgebraMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
DSPM850Intermediate AlgebraMATH1006Intermediate AlgebraDEVL
DSPM851Inter Algebra LabMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
DSPR700Basic ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
DSPR800Developmental ReadingEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
DSPR801Developmental Reading LabEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
DSPS800Learning StrategiesUSTU1000Principles of Effective StudyDEVL
DSPW700Basic WritingENGL1005Developmental Writing IDEVL
DSPW800Developmental WritingENGL1006Developmental Writing IIDEVL
DSRD81Exp/Guid Re & Pro Sol StEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
DSSK81Developmental Stu SkillsUSTU1000Principles of Effective StudyDEVL
EC211Economic Principles IECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
EC212Economic Principles IIECON1020Princ of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
ECCD201Prin/Concpt of Child DevECHD2430Child Dev & Observation ILDV
ECCD231Prob/Cda Comp Area IiiELEC2XXXProb/Cda Comp Area III
ECCD241Prob/Cda Comp Area IvELEC2XXXProb/Cda Comp Area Iv
ECCD332Expressive Arts/Young ChildrenEDUC3XXXExpressive Arts/Young ChildrenUDV
ECCD361Early Childhood Curr IEDUC3100Elem Sch CurriculumUDV
ECED2015Early Childhood CurriculumECHD2XXXEarly Childhood CurriculumLDV
ECED2090Creative DevelopmentECHD2XXXCreative DevelopmentLDV
ECED20105Early Childhood CurriculmECHD2XXXEarly Childhood CurriculmLDV
ECFS1010Intro Early Childhood CECHD1XXXIntro Early Childhood CLDV
ECFS1010Intro to Early Childhood CECHD1XXXIntro to Early Childhood CLDV
ECFS2010Prin Concepts of ChiECHD2430Child Dev & Observation ILDV
ECON2010Economic Principles IECON1010Princ of Econ: MacroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2020Principles of Econ IIECON1020Princ of Econ: MicroeconLDV, SSCI
ECON2040Intro Statistical Analysis IMGT2XXXIntro Statistical Analysis ILDV
ECON2050Intro Statistical Analysis IIMGT2130Statistics for BusinessLDV, STAT
ECON3050Quantitative MethodsECON3XXXQuantitative MethodsUDV
ECON3110Interme Microeconomics TheoryECON3240Interm Microecon TheoryUDV
ECON4100International EconomicsECON4040International EconomicsUDV
EDAD301Sch Org Mgmt & Com RelsEDUC3XXXSch Org Mgmt & Com RelsUDV
EDAD400Prof Rights/ResponsibilitiesEDUC4XXXProf Rights/ResponsibilitiesUDV
EDCI201Hist & Fdns of EducationEDUC2010Educ in the United StatesLDV
EDCI311Classroom Behavior Mgt.EDUC3XXXClassroom Behavior MgtUDV
EDCI387Curriculum DevelopmentEDUC3XXXCurriculum DevelopmentUDV
EDCI419Technology in the SchoolEDUC4170Technology & LearningUDV
EDCI490Multicultural EducationEDUC4XXXMulticultural EducationUDV
EDCI2010History and Fdns of EducationEDUC2010Educ in the United StatesLDV
EDCI3870Curriculum DevelopmentEDUC4180Curriculum and InstructionUDV
EDCI4190Technology in the SchoolEDUC4170Technology & LearningUDV
EDLI4910Reading and Study in SEDUC4XXXReading and Study in SUDV
EDRD2010Reading In The Content AreaEDUC2XXXReading In The Content AreaLDV
EDSE333Educ Except ChildrenEDUC2200Survey of Exceptional LearnersUDV
EDSE3330Educational of Exceptional ChiEDUC2200Survey of Exceptional LearnersLDV
EDU201Foundations of EducationEDUC2010Educ in the United StatesLDV
EECE2120Circuits IIENEE2720Electrical Circuits IILDV
EECE3061Advanced Programming Lab ICPEN3XXXAdvanced Programming Lab IUDV
EECE3100Design of Digital Logic SysteENCE3XXXDesign of Digital Logic SysteUDV
EECE3101Design of Digital Logic LabENCE3XXXDesign of Digital Logic LabUDV
EECE3200Intro to DesignENEE3250Signals & SysUDV
EECE3210Electromagnetic Theory IENEE3750Electromagnetic Fields & WavesUDV
EECE3410Energy ConversionENEE3700Energy Convrsn & ElectronicsUDV
EECE4101Electrical Systems Design LabENCE4XXXElectrical Systems Design LabUDV
ENG101Freshman EnglishENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENG102Freshman EnglishENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENG212Amer Lit, Civil War to PresentENGL2120American Literature from 1855LDV
ENG300Expository WritingENGL3XXXExpository WritingUDV
ENG312Creative Writing: PoetryENGL3750Creative Writing: PoetryREP, UDV
ENG361American Literature IENGL2110American Literature to 1855UDV
ENG362American Literature IIENGL2120American Literature from 1855UDV
ENG364Lit-Black Life AmericaENGL2520African-American LiteratureLITR, TBR, UDV
ENG372Adolescent LiteratureENGL2290Literature for the AdolescentUDV
ENG373Children's LiteratureENGL2280Children's LiteratureUDV
ENG381Greek & Roman LiteratureENGL3XXXGreek & Roman LiteratureUDV
ENG400Senior SeminarENGL4980Senior Seminar: Special TopicsUDV
ENG410History of English LangENGL4650Hist of the English LanguageUDV
ENG412Modern English GrammarENGL3820Contemporary English GrammarUDV
ENG413Advanced English GrammarENGL3820Contemporary English GrammarUDV
ENG431Shakespeare ComediesENGL4XXXShakespeare ComediesUDV
ENG491Advanced Story WritingENGL3760Creative Writing: FictionREP, UDV
ENG101HHonors EnglishENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENG101UFreshman EnglishENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENG102HHonors EnglishENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENG102UFreshman EnglishENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENG102UFreshman EnglishENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENG211AWorld Lit to 1650ENGL2XXXWorld Lit to 1650LDV
ENG211CBlack Arts & LiteratureENGL2520African-American LiteratureLDV, LITR, TBR
ENG211DSurvey of English Lit IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800LDV, LITR, TBR
ENG212CBlLit Sho Story & NovelENGL2XXXBl Lit Sho Story & NovelLDV
ENG212DSurvey of Eng Lit IIENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800LDV, LITR, TBR
ENG212DSurvey of Eng Lit IIENGL2220Survey of Engl Lit Since 1800LDV, TBR
ENG221DSurvey of English Lit IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800LDV, TBR
ENG401EMajor Black Amer WriterENGL4XXXMajor Black Amer WriterUDV
ENG3400R3200Numerial AnalysisMATH4600Numerical Analysis IUDV
ENGL230Creative WritingENGL2700Creative WritingLDV, LITR, VPAR
ENGL1010Freshman English IENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL1011Freshman English WorkshopENGL1XXXFreshman English WorkshopLDV
ENGL1012Honors Freshman EnglishENGL1010Rhetoric and Composition ICMP1, LDV
ENGL1020Freshman English IIENGL1020Rhetoric and Composition IICMP2, LDV
ENGL2011World Literature to 1650ENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR
ENGL2012Literary GenresENGL2XXXLiterary GenresLDV
ENGL2013Black Arts and LiteratureENGL2XXXBlack Arts and LiteratureLDV, TBR
ENGL2014Survey of English Lit IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2014Survey of English Lit IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800LDV, TBR
ENGL2021Wld Lit 1650 to PresentENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2022Lit Genres Poetry and DramaENGL2XXXLit Genres Poetry and DramaLDV
ENGL2023Bl Lit Sho Story & NENGL3230African-Amer Slave Narr TradHIST, LITR, TBR, UDV
ENGL2110American LiteratureENGL2110American Literature to 1855LDV, TBR
ENGL2120American Literature IIENGL2120American Literature from 1855LDV, TBR
ENGL2210Survey English Literature IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800LDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2210Survey English Literature IENGL2210Survey of Engl Lit to 1800LDV, TBR
ENGL2310World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2312Honors World Literature IENGL2XXXHonors World Literature ILDV
ENGL2320World Literature IIENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2322Honors World Literature IIENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR
ENGL2410Western World LiteratureENGL2410Western World Literature ILDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2420Western World Literature IIENGL2420Western World Literature IILDV, LITR, TBR
ENGL2630Literature for ChildrenENGL2280Children's LiteratureLDV
ENGL3107Tech Report WritingENGL2810Technical WritingUDV
ENGL3110Creative Writing Short StoryENGL4720Advanced Short Story WorkshopREP, UDV
ENGL3250Professional CommunicationsENGL2880Professional WritingUDV
ENGL3620American Literature IIENGL2120American Literature from 1855UDV
ENGL3650Contemporary Black NovelENGL3XXXContemporary Black NovelUDV
ENGR1000Engineering OrientationENGR1XXXEngineering OrientationLDV
ENGR1020Freshman Engineering SeminarENGL1XXXFreshman Engineering SeminarLDV
ENGR1151Computer Engr Graphics AnalysENGR1XXXComputer Engr Graphics AnalysLDV
ENGR2000Circuits IENEE2700Electrical Circuits ILDV
ENGR2001Circuits Lab IENEE2700LElectrical Circuits I LabLDV
ENGR2110StaticsENCE1040Vector StaticsLDV
ENGR2230Engineering ProgrammingENEE2250Engineering ProgrammingLDV
ENGR2250Transport PhenomenaENME3050Thermo-FluidsUDV
ENGR3200Introduction to DesignENGR3XXXIntroduction to DesignUDV
ENGR3300Materials ScienceENME3400Engr Materials ScienceUDV
ENGR3400Numerial AnalysisENME2240Intro to Engr ComputationsUDV
ENGR4400Probability and StatisticsENME4XXXProbability and StatisticsUDV
ENGR100LIntro to Engineering IENGR1010Introduction to EngineeringLDV
ENGR101LIntro to Engineering IIENGR1XXXIntro to Engineering IILDV
ENGR113LEngineering GraphicsENGR1XXXEngineering GraphicsLDV
ESC1110Intro to Enviromental Std IESC1500Intro to Environ Science ILBSC, LDV
ESPM851Inter Algebra LabMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
FACS1010Family Consumer SciELEC1XXXFamily Consumer Sci
FACS4500Senior ProjectELEC4XXXSenior ProjectUDV
FACS4600Field Exper Food Ser or NurtitELEC4XXXFood Service Sys ManagementUDV
FASH1120Cultural Interpretation of DreELEC1XXXCultural Interpretation of DreLDV
FERM3210Family Resource MgmtELEC3XXXFamily Resource MgmtUDV
FINA3300Business FinanceFIN3020Essentials of Mngrl FinanceUDV
FINA3400Finance Markets and InstitutioFIN3180Financial InstitutionsUDV
FINA3600Investment TheoryFIN3210Investments IUDV
FINA4450Commercial Bank MgmtFIN4180Commercial BankingUDV
FINA4500Corporate FinanceFIN4XXXCorporate FinanceUDV
FINA4700International FinanceFIN4120International FinanceUDV
FR101Elementary French IFREN1010Elementary French ILDV
FR102Elementary French IIFREN1020Elementary French IILDV
FR201Intermediate French IFREN2130Interm French for Reading ILDV
FR202Intermediate French IIFREN2140Interm French for Reading IILDV
FREN1010Elementary French IFREN1010Elementary French ILDV
FREN1020Elementary French IIFREN1020Elementary French IILDV
GEOG171World Regional Geog IGEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL
GEOG1010World Regional GeogGEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL
GEOG1020World Regional Geography IIGEOG1XXXWorld Regional Geography IILDV
GEOG4850Urban GeographyGEOG4150Urban GeographyUDV
GEOG171UWorld Regional GeographyGEOG1030World GeographyLDV, NWCC, NWCL
GER101UElementary GermanGER1010Elementary German ILDV
HCAP2010Intro to Health Care OrgELEC2XXXIntro to Health Care Org
HCAP3100Health EconomicsELEC3XXXHealth EconomicsUDV
HCAP3800Intro of Public HealthELEC3XXXIntro of Public HealthUDV
HCAP4900Health Care ResearchELEC4XXXHealth Care ResearchUDV
HEA151Personal HygieneHHP1000Personal Health
HEA151Health & WellnessHHP1000Personal HealthSSCI
HEA306Fir Aid & Cardio-Pul ResHHP3090Card Resuscitation Instr Train
HIM104Medical TerminologyELEC1XXXMedical Terminology
HIMA1010Intro to Health Record MgmtELEC1XXXIntro to Health Record MgmtLDV
HIMA1040Medical TerminologyELEC1XXXMedical TerminologyLDV
HIMA2200Seminar in NeuroscienceELEC2XXXSeminar in NeuroscienceLDV
HIST121World History IHIST1110World History Origins to 1400HIST, LDV, NWCL, TBR, THVB
HIST201American HistoryHIST2010United States to 1865HIST, LDV, TBR
HIST202American HistoryHIST2020United States since 1865HIST, LDV, TBR
HIST220African American HistoryHIST2XXXAfrican American HistoryLDV
HIST384Ancient HistoryHIST3XXXAncient HistoryUDV
HIST486History of Africa IIHIST2620Hist of Subsaharan Afr fr 1800HIST, NWCL, UDV
HIST491Afro American History IHIST3450African American Hist to 1865REP, UDV
HIST492Afro American History IIHIST4XXXAfro American History IIUDV
HIST1000Global Culture in HistoryHIST1XXXGlobal Culture in HistoryLDV
HIST1000Global Culture in HistoryHIST1XXXGlobal Culture in HistoryLDV, TBR
HIST1110Survey of World History IHIST1110World History Origins to 1400HIST, LDV, NWCL, THVB
HIST1210World History IHIST1110World History Origins to 1400HIST, LDV, NWCL, TBR, THVB
HIST1220World History IIHIST1120World History 1400-PresentHIST, LDV, NWCL, TBR
HIST2010American History IHIST2010United States to 1865HIST, LDV, TBR
HIST2020American History IIHIST2020United States since 1865HIST, LDV, TBR
HIST2021Honors American History IIHIST2020United States since 1865HIST, LDV
HIST2030History of TennesseeHIST2030History of TennesseeHIST, LDV, TBR
HIST2060World History IHIST1110World History Origins to 1400HIST, LDV, NWCL, TBR, THVB
HIST2070World History IIHIST1120World History 1400-PresentHIST, LDV, NWCL
HIST2700The African Amer ExperienceHIST2XXXThe African Amer ExperienceLDV, TBR
HIST3500History WorkshopHIST3XXXHistory WorkshopUDV
HIST3500Research MethodologyHIST3XXXResearch MethodologyUDV
HIST4225The US and Middle EastHIST3820United States and the Middle EUDV
HIST4500Senior ProjectHIST4XXXSenior ProjectUDV
HIST4510Colonial Latin AmericaHIST2850Colonial Latin AmericaHIST, LDV, NWCL
HIST4910Afro Amer HistoryHIST4XXXAfro Amer HistoryLDV
HIST4920Afro Amer Hist IIHIST4XXXAfro Amer Hist IIUDV
HIST201UAmerican HistoryHIST2010United States to 1865HIST, LDV
HIST202HHonors American HistoryHIST2010United States to 1865HIST, LDV
HIST202UAmerican HistoryHIST2020United States since 1865HIST, LDV
HIT1010Medical TerminologyELEC1XXXMedical Terminology
HLSC2140Physics Principles of Hlth SciELEC2XXXPhysics Principles of Hlth Sci
HLSC3000Ethics and ProfessionalismPHIL4250Ethics and the ProfessionsHUM, TBR, THVB, UDV
HLSC3020Critical Issues in Health CareELEC3XXXCritical Issues in Health CareUDV
HLSC3100Comp and Alt Approach Hea CareELEC3XXXComp and Alt Approach Hea CareUDV
HLSC3110Hea Conditions in Func and DisELEC3XXXHea Conditions in Func and DisUDV
HLSC4010Introduction to BiostatisticsELEC4XXXIntroduction to BiostatisticsUDV
HLSC4040Public Health PolicyELEC4XXXPublic Health PolicyUDV
HLSC4210Anatomy for Hlth ProfessionalsELEC4XXXAnatomy for Hlth ProfessionalsUDV
HONOR1002Honors OrientationUHON1000Freshman Honors StudiesLDV, REP
HONR1002Honors OrientationUHON1000Freshman Honors StudiesLDV, REP
HONR3012Mgmt 3200: EntrepreneurshipMGT1030Intro to Business and EntreprLDV
HONR4012Honors Special TopicsELEC4XXXHonors Special Topics
HPER1010Physical Fitness ActivitiesHHP22Recreational ActivitiesREP
HPER1011Elementary SwimmingHHP51Beginning Swimming
HPER1012Modern and Ballet DanceHHP52Beginning Modern Dance
HPER1013BadmintonHHP38Beginning BadmintonACTV
HPER1014VolleyballHHP22VolleyballACTV, LDV
HPER1016GolfHHP30Beginning GolfACTV, LDV
HPER1018BasketballHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV, REP
HPER1021TennisHHP37Beginning TennisACTV
HPER1030Weight TrainingHHP40Beginning Conditioning and WeiACTV
HPER1032Beginning YogaHHP53Power Yoga
HPER1042Beginning Jazz and Tap DanceHHP22Recreational ActivitiesACTV, LDV, REP
HPER1044Intermediate YogaHHP53Power Yoga
HPRO2100Wellness Concepts and PracticeHHP1000Personal HealthLDV
HPSS1400Found Athletic TrainingHHP1XXXFound Athletic Training
HPSS1510Health and WellnessHHP1000Personal HealthSSCI
HPSS2010Funds and Tech of Team SportsHHP2XXXFunds and Tech of Team Sports
HPSS2020Theory of AquaticsHHP22Recreational ActivityACTV, LDV, REP
HPSS2030Fund and Tech of Ind SportsHHP2XXXFund and Tech of Ind Sports
HPSS2040Fund Tech Lifetime SportsHHP2XXXFund Tech Lifetime Sports
HPSS2060First Aid Cardio-Pulmon ResuscHHP2XXXFirst Aid Cardio-Pulmon Resusc
HPSS2226Surv Dance Forms:ModernHHP52Beginning Modern DanceACTV, LDV
HPSS2310Anatomy and PhysiologyHHP2300Anatomical/Physiological Basis
HPSS2400Prevention & Care Ath InjuryHHP3400Care & Prevention Ath Injury
HPSS3020Movement ExplorationHHP3XXXMovement ExplorationUDV
HPSS3030Consumer Community HealthHHP3XXXConsumer Community HealthUDV
HPSS3050Family Health and SexualityHHP3XXXFamily Health and Sexuality
HPSS3060Nutr for Hlth, Fitness & SportNUTR3380Sports NutritionUDV
HPSS3080Officiating TechniquesHHP3350Officiating SportsREP, UDV
HPSS3100Concepts of Games and PlayHHP3XXXConcepts of Games and PlayUDV
HPSS3140Physiology of ExerciseHHP3170Exercise Physiology
HPSS3330Prin of Resistance TrainingHHP3XXXPrin of Resistance Training
HPSS3340Hist & Phil of Phys EducationHHP2010Intro to EHLS and Sport
HPSS3350Lifespan Motor DevelopmentHHP3XXXLifespan Motor DevelopmentUDV
HPSS4007Current IssuesHHP4XXXCurrent IssuesUDV
HPSS4090Drug EducationHHP4XXXDrug EducationUDV
HSMG2000Intro to Hospitality ManagemenELEC2XXXIntro to Hospitality Managemen
HUM1010Introduction to Humanities IENGL1130Western Humanities ILDV, LITR, THVB
JOUR301Survey of JournalismELEC3XXXSurvey of Journalis
LDSP3000Leadership DevelopmentELEC3XXXLeadership DevelopmentUDV
MATH100Arithmetic & AlgebraMATH1004Developmental MathematicsDEVL
MATH101Univ Col Elem AlgebraMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
MATH110The Math of Drugs & SoluMATH1XXXThe Math of Drugs & SoluLDV
MATH111College Algebra IMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH112College Algebra IIMATH1XXXCollege Algebra IILDV
MATH113Basic Calculus 1MATH1XXXBasic Calculus 1LDV
MATH161Pre Calculus Math IMATH1710Precalculus ILDV, MATH
MATH162Pre Cal Math IIMATH1720Precalculus IILDV
MATH163Calc & Anal GeomMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH164Calculus IIMATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry IILDV
MATH1010College Algebra IMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1012Workshop for Contemporary MathMATH1XXXWorkshop for Contemporary MathLDV
MATH1013Contemporary MathematicsMATH1010Math in the Modern WorldLDV, MATH
MATH1020College Algebra IIMATH1XXXCollege Algebra IILDV
MATH1040Pre Calculus Math IMATH1710Precalculus ILDV, MATH
MATH1109Workshop for College AlgebraMATH1XXXWorkshop for College AlgebraLDV
MATH1110College Algebra IMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1130College AlgebraMATH1130College AlgebraLDV, MATH
MATH1410Structure of Number Sys IMATH1XXXStructure of Number Sys ILDV, MATH
MATH1420Structure of Number Sys IIMATH1XXXStructure of Number Sys IILDV
MATH1530Probability StatisticsMATH2100Introductory StatisticsLDV, STAT
MATH1710Pre Calculus Math IMATH1710Precalculus ILDV, MATH
MATH1720Pre Calculus Math IIMATH1720Precalculus IILDV, MATH
MATH1730Pre Calculus Math AltMATH1720Precalculus IILDV, MATH
MATH1830Basic Calculus IMATH1830Calculus For Mgmt Life&Soc SciLDV, MATH
MATH1910Calculus IMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH1915Calc & Analytic GeomMATH1950Calc with Analytic Geometry ILDV, MATH
MATH1920Calculus IIMATH1960Calc with Analytic Geometry IILDV
MATH2110Calculus IIIMATH2560Calc with Analytic Geom IIILDV
MATH3120Applied MathematicsMATH3XXXApplied MathematicsUDV
MATH3610Linear Algebra IMATH2200Elementary Linear AlgebraUDV
MATH111UIntro to Math IMATH1XXXIntro to Math ILDV
MATH112UIntro to Coll Math IIMATH1XXXIntro to Coll Math IILDV
MATH161UPre Calculus Math IMATH1710Precalculus ILDV, MATH
MATH162UPre Calculus Math IIMATH1720Precalculus IILDV
MCB250General BacteriologyBIOL2100Microbiology and HealthLBSC, LDV
MG100Business OrientationMGT1XXXBusiness OrientationLDV
MG101Business PrinciplesMGT1XXXBusiness PrinciplesLDV
MGMT1000Business OrientationMGT1XXXBusiness OrientationLDV
MGMT1010Intro to Bus and EconomicsMGT1030Intro to Business&EntrLDV
MGMT3010Mgmt and Org BehaviorMGT3300Concepts in Org BehaviorUDV
MGMT3020Operations ManagementMGT3110Operations ManagementUDV
MGMT3030Mgt of Service OrgMGT3XXXMgt of Service OrgUDV
MGMT4020Quality ManagementMGT4XXXQuality ManagementUDV
MGMT4030Human Resources MgmtMGT4XXXHuman Resources MgmtUDV
MGMT4070Training and DevelopmentMGT4370Workplace Learning & TrainingUDV
MIS215Basic Computer ScienceCPSC2XXXBasic Computer ScienceLDV
MKTG3010Basic MarketingMKT3130Principles of MarketingUDV
MUS131Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS259Solo Guitar IIMUS2XXXSolo Guitar II
MUS307University ChoirMUS27Men's Chorus
MUS335Intro to Afro/Amer MusicMUS3200African Amer Music:An IntroARTS, UDV, VPAR
MUS1010Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS011A1st Year PianoMUS1511Piano InstructionREP
MUS131UMusic AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUS159ABeginning Guitar IMUS1350Guitar Class
MUS159BAdvanced Guitar IMUS1360Guitar Class
MUS306AUniversity Marching BandMUS30University Marching BandREP
MUSC1000Applied Percussion IMUS1610Percussion InstructionREP
MUSC1010Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
MUSC1011Materials of MusicMUS1XXXMaterials of Music
MUSC1020Honors Music AppreciationMUS1110Introduction to MusicARTS, LDV, VPAR
MUSC1115Class Piano I For Non MajorsMUS1210Class Piano for Non-Music MajLDV
MUSC1210Freshman Theory IMUS1710Musicianship ILDV
MUSC1250Freshman Aural Skills IMUS1750Aural Skills ILDV
MUSC1400Applied Voice IMUS1330Voice ClassLDV
MUSC2010University Marching BandMUS30University Marching BandREP
MUSC3070University ChoirMUS28Choral UnionREP, UDV
NUFS2010Basic Nutirtion PrinciplesNUTR1350NutritionLDV
NUFS2110Elementary NutritionNUTR1350NutritionLDV
NUFS3110Food ScienceNUTR2360Food ScienceUDV
NUFS3130Food Sev EquipmentELEC3XXXFood Sev EquipmentUDV
NUFS3830Ntr Assessment Behavior ChgELEC3XXXNtr Assessment Behavior ChgUDV
NUFS4110Advanced NutritionNUTR4380Advanced Nutrition II: MicronuUDV
NUFS4120Quantity Food Procur & ProdELEC4XXXQuantity Food Procur & Prod
NUFS4121Quantity Food ProductionLabELEC4XXXQuantity Food ProductionLabUDV
NUFS4520Food Service Sys ManagementNUTR4XXXFood Service Sys ManagementUDV
NUFS4530Medical Nutrition Therapy IELEC4XXXMedical Nutrition Therapy IUDV
NUFS4540Medical Nutrition Therapy IINUTR4XXXMedical Nutrition Therapy IIUDV
NURS101Fund of NursingNURS1XXXFund of Nursing
NURS102Adult Health Nursing INURS1XXXAdult Health Nursing I
NURS201Adult Health Nursing IiNURS201Adult Health Nursing Ii
NURS202Fam Cent App to Matn/ChiNURS2XXXFam Cent App to Matn/Chi
NURS220Nursing SeminarNURS2XXXNursing Seminar
NURS250Intro to Nursing PracticeNURS2XXXIntro to Nursing Practice
NURS301Nurs Process I/Assessmt & DiELEC3XXXNurs Process I / Assessmt & DI
NURS302Family Health Nursing INURS3XXXFamily Health Nursing I
NURS322Scientific WritingNURS3XXXScientific Writing
NURS1000Intro to Nursing INURS1XXXIntro to Nursing ILDV
NURS1007LPN Role TransitionNURS1XXXLPN Role TransitionLDV
NURS1010Fundamentals of NursingNURS1XXXFundamentals of Nursing
NURS1014Fundamentals of Nursing ClnNURS1XXXFundamentals of Nursing Cln
NURS1020Adult Health Nursing INURS1XXXAdult Health Nursing I
NURS1024Adult Health Nurs I ClinicalNURS1XXXAdult Health Nurs I Clinical
NURS1100Nursing OrientationNURS1XXXNursing Orientation
NURS1200Fundamentals Hlth AssessmentNURS1XXXFundamentals Hlth Assessment
NURS1201Health Assessment LabNURS1XXXHealth Assessment Lab
NURS1300Pharmacology Drugs SolutionsNURS1XXXPharmacology Drugs Solutions
NURS2010Family and Behavioral HealthNURS2XXXFamily and Behavioral Health
NURS2014Family and Behavioral Hlth ClnNURS2XXXFamily and Behavioral Hlth Cln
NURS2020Adult Health II Mgmt ConceptsNURS2XXXAdult Health II Mgmt Concepts
NURS2024Adult Hlth II Mgt Concepts ClnNURS2XXXAdult Hlth II Mgt Concepts Cln
NURS2110Elementary NutritionNUTR1350NutritionLDV
NURS2200Nursing SeminarNURSELECNursing Seminar
NURS2500Intro to Nursing PracticeNURS2XXXIntro to Nursing Practice
NURS3040Mgt Adult Clients Hlth Alter INURS3XXXMgt Adult Clients Hlth Alter I
NURS3041Learning Resource LabNURS3XXXLearning Resource Lab
NURS3044Mgt Adult Clients Hlth I CLNNURS3XXXMgt Adult Clients Hlth I CLN
NURS3060Concepts of PathologyNURS3XXXConcepts of Pathology
NURS3250Health AssessmentNURS3XXXHealth Assessment
NURS3251Health Assessment LabNURS3XXXHealth Assessment Lab
NURS3260Gerontological Nursing ConceptNURS3XXXGertonological Nursing Concept
NURS3320Professionalism in NursingNURS3XXXProfessionalism in Nursing
NURS100CLPN TransitionNURS1XXXLPN Transition
NURS101CFund of Nurs ClinicalNURS1XXXFund of Nurs Clinical
NURS101LFund of Nursing LabNURS1XXXFund of Nursing Lab
NURS102CAdult Health Nurs I ClinNURS1XXXAdult Health Nus I Clin
NURS102LAdult Health Nurs I LabNURS1XXXAdult Health Nurs I Lab
NURS201CAdult Health Nurs Ii CliNURS2XXXAdult Health Nurs Ii Cli
NURS202CFam Cen to Matn Chil HeaNURS2XXXFam Cen to Matn Chil Hea
NURS301CNurs Process I: ClinicalNURS3XXXNurs Process I : Clinical
NURS301LNurs Process I : LRLNURS3XXXNurs Process I : LRL
NURS302CFamily Heal Nurs I ClinicalNURS3XXXFamily Heal Nurs I Clinical
NURS302LFamily Nurs I/ Learn ResourcNURS3XXXFamily Nurs I/ Learn Resourc
OHYS1030Conceptual physicsPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
OHYS1030Conceptual physicsPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
OM121Beginning TypewritingELEC1XXXBeginning Typewriting
PE11Physical Fitness ActivityHHP21Concepts & Applics Wellness/PE
PE15Modern & Ballet DanceHHP48Beginning BalletACTV, LDV
PE17VolleyballHHP22VolleyballACTV, REP
PE24BasketballHHP22BasketballACTV, REP
PE30Weight TrainingHHP40Begin Condition/Weight Trng
PE31Racquet BallHHP31Beginning RacquetballACTV
PE44KarateHHP22KarateACTV, REP
PE310Play & Lead-Up GamesHHP3XXXPlay & Lead-Up GamesUDV
PE332Adv Swimming & LifesavinHHP59Lifeguarding/WSIACTV
PE012BElementary SwimmingHHP51Beginning SwimmingACTV
PE012UElementary SwimmingHHP51Beginning SwimmingACTV, LDV
PE031URacquet BallHHP36Racquet SportsACTV, LDV
PETE3307Psychological Aspects of SportHHP3620Psych of Sport & ExerciseUDV
PHED1140Walking for FitnessHHP55Walking for FitnessACTV
PHIL201Intro to Phil-Moral IssuesPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL250Logic and Critical ThinkingPHIL2110Logic Language and EvidenceLDV
PHIL336Medical EthicsPHIL2250Biomedical EthicsHUM, THVB, UDV
PHIL410Philosophy of ReligionPHIL3330Philosophy of ReligionUDV
PHIL1030Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL2010Introduction to PhilosophyHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
PHIL1040Intro to EthicsPHIL2210Introduction to EthicsLDV, SSCI
PHIL2500Logic and Critical ThinkingPHIL2110Logic Language and EvidenceLDV
PHIL3360Medical EthicsPHIL2250Biomedical EthicsHUM, TBR, THVB, UDV
PHIL3600African-American PhilosophyPHIL3XXXAfrican-American PhilosophyUDV
PHY211College Physics IPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHY212College Physics IIPHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&OpticsLDV, LEC
PHY211LCollege Physics I labPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHY212LCol Physics II LabPHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt LabLAB, LDV
PHYS1030Conceptual PhysicsPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS1030Conceptual PhysicsPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS2010College Physics IPHYS1030General Phys: Mechanics&HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS2011College Phys I LabPHYS1030LGen Phys:Mechanics & Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2020College Physics IIPHYS1040Gen Phys: Electrmgntsm&OpticsLDV, LEC
PHYS2021College Phys II LabPHYS1040LGen Phys :Electrmgntsm&Opt LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2110General Physics IPHYS2300Princ of Phys:Mechanics & HeatLDV, LEC
PHYS2111General Physics I LabPHYS2300LPrinc of Phys: Mech&Heat LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2113Physics II w /abPHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm LabLAB, LDV
PHYS2113Physics II w /abPHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & MagntsmLDV, LEC
PHYS2120General Physics IIPHYS2310Princ of Phys:Electr & MagntsmLDV, LEC
PHYS2121General Physics I LabPHYS2310LPrinc of Phys:Elect&Mgntsm LabLAB, LDV
PISI221American National GovtPSPS1010American PoliticsLDV, SSCI
POLI1010Intro to Political SciencePSPS1010American PoliticsLDV, SSCI
POLI2010American National GoPSPS1010American PoliticsLDV, SSCI
POLI3000Hist of Political PhilosophyPSPS3XXXHist of Political PhilosophyUDV
POLI3100Research MethodologyPSPS3000Research MethodologyUDV
POLI4200Legislative ProcessPSPS4XXXLegislative ProcessUDV
POLI4340Legal Research and WritPSPS4XXXLegal Research and WritUDV
PSY101Orient for Psych MajorsPSY1XXXOrient for Psych MajorsLDV
PSY201General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSY202Intermed Gen PsychPSY2XXXIntermed Gen PsychLDV
PSY210Psychology of AdjustmentPSY4XXXPsychology of AdjustmentUDV
PSY218Elementary StatisticsMATH2100Introductory StatisticsLDV, STAT
PSY310Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2510Psychology of AdjustmentUDV
PSY315Principles of LearningPSY3110Learning & MotivationUDV
PSY321Abnormal PsychologyPSY3080Princ of Abnormal PsychologyUDV
PSY341Social PsychologyPSY3310Social PsychologyUDV
PSY351Developmental PsychologyPSY2200Psychology of Lifespan DevUDV
PSY424Behavior ModificationPSY4XXXBehavior ModificationUDV
PSY481Hist & Systems of PsychPSY4600Systems of PsychologyUDV
PSYC1010Orientation for Psyc MajorPSY1XXXOrientation for Psyc MajorLDV
PSYC1030General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSYC2010General PsychologyPSY1010Introduction to PsychologyLDV, SSCI
PSYC2100Psychology of AdjustmentPSY2XXXPsychology of AdjustmentLDV
PSYC2130Life Span PsychologyPSY2XXXLife Span PsychologyLDV
PSYC2180Elementary StatisticsPSY2010Rsrch Meth:Intro Stats PsychLDV, STAT
PSYC2420Human Growth and LearningPSY2XXXHuman Growth and LearningLDV
PSYC3150Principles of LearningPSY3XXXPrinciples of LearningUDV
PSYC3180Comp Appls & Technical WritingPSY3XXXComp Appls & Technical WritingUDV
PSYC3210Abnormal PsychologyPSY3080Princ of Abnormal PsychologyUDV
PSYC3230Psyc of Black ExperiencePSY3XXXPsyc of Black ExperienceUDV
PSYC3300Physiological PsychologyPSY3140Biological PsychologyUDV
PSYC3310Prin of Human SexualityPSY3XXXPrin of Human SexualityUDV
PSYC3360Intro Delivery Mental Hlth SerPSY3XXXIntro Delivery Mental Hlth SerUDV
PSYC3410Social PsychologyPSY3310Social PsychologyUDV
PSYC3510Developmental PsychologyPSY3XXXDevelopmental PsychologyUDV
PSYC3530Psyc of Death and DyingPSY3XXXPsyc of Death and DyingUDV
PSYC4110Fdns of Psyc InvestigationPSY4XXXFdns of Psyc InvestigationUDV
PSYC4115Fdns of Investigation LabPSY4XXXFdns of Investigation LabUDV
PSYC4140Psyc of Stress ManagmentPSY4XXXPsyc of Stress ManagementUDV
PSYC4360Field Placement in PsychologyPSY4XXXField Placement in PsychologyUDV
PSYC4370Fundamentals of CounselingPSY4XXXFundamentals of CounselingUDV
PSYC4500Senior ProjectPSY4XXXSenior ProjectUDV
PSYC4810Hist & Systems of PsychologyPSY4XXXHist & Systems of PsychologyUDV
PY215Child Growth and DevelopmentPSY2200Psychology of Lifespan DevLDV
QM201Intr to Statist AnalysisMGT2XXXIntr to Statist AnalysisLDV
RELS2010Intro to Religious StudiesREL1030Intro to the Study of ReligionHUM, LDV, TBR, THVB
RELS3110New TestamentREL2220Biblical Literature IIHUM, LDV, LITR, TBR, THVB
RELS3110New TestamentREL2220Biblical Literature IITHVB, UDV
RELS3300Religion in AmericaREL3XXXReligion in AmericaUDV
RSEN71English FundamentalsEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
RSMA71Essential MaithematicsMATH1005Elementary AlgebraDEVL
RSRD79Read & Comprehen SkillsEDUC1050Strategies for College ReadingDEVL
RTV360Broadcasting in AmericaELEC3XXXBroadcasting in AmericaUDV
RTV364Radio & TV ProductionELEC3XXXRadio & TV ProductionUDV
RTV370Radio & TV WritingELEC3XXXRadio & TV WritingUDV
RTV440Radio & TV ProgrammingELEC4XXXRadio & TV ProgrammingUDV
SCI121UBiophysical ScienceGNSC1XXXBiophysical ScienceLBSC, LDV
SOC211Introduction SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOC340Courtship & MarriageSOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOC360The FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilySSCI, UDV
SOC1020Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOC211UIntro SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOCH480Independent StudyTHSP4XXXIndependent StudyUDV
SOCI2010Introduction to SociologySOC1510Introduction to SociologyLDV, SSCI
SOCI2300Social ProblemsSOC1250Sociology of Social ProblemsLDV, SSCI
SOCI3000Social StatisticsSOC2500Social StatisticsLDV, STAT
SOCI3350Sociology of HealthSOC3XXXSociology of HealthUDV
SOCI3450Social and Cult Aspects of HltSOC3XXXSocial and Cult Aspects of HltUDV
SOCI3600The FamilySOC2150The Sociology of the FamilyLDV, SSCI
SOCI4200Population ProblemsSOC4XXXPopulation ProblemsUDV
SOCI4600Urban SociologySOC3000Urban SociologyUDV
SOWK2010Intro to Social WorkSOCW1100Intro to Soc Wrk ExperienceLDV
SOWK2100Social Work IntervieSOCW2070Interviewing SkillsLDV
SOWK3300Human Behav Soc EnviSOCW3120Human Behavior & Soc Env IUDV
SOWK3350Human Behavior in Soc EvirSOCW3420Human Beh & the Soc Env IIUDV
SOWK3400Social Welfare PolicSOCW3XXXSocial Welfare PolicUDV
SOWK3450Social Welfare Policy AnalysisSOCW3XXXSocial Welfare Policy AnalysisUDV
SOWK3500Social Work Practice ISOCW3060Social Work Practice IUDV
SOWK3601Ethnic Minority ConcSOCW3XXXEthnic Minority ConcUDV
SOWK4461Child Welfare ISOCW3230Child Welfare IUDV
SOWK4601Social Work Practice IISOCW3070Social Work Practice IIUDV
SOWK4800Social Work ResearchSOCW4XXXSocial Work ResearchUDV
SPAN1010Elementary Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish ILDV
SPAN1020Elementary Spanish IISPAN1020Elementary Spanish IILDV
SPAN2010Intermediate Spanish ISPAN2130Interm Spanish for Reading ILDV
SPCH200Intro to Mass CommunicationCOMM1010Intro to Mass CommunicationLDV
SPCH220Public SpeakingTHSP1090Public SpeakingLDV, ORAL
SPCH230Bus & Prof Sp CommTHSP2090Bus&Prof Speech CommunicationLDV, ORAL
SPCH449Spch & Thea for ChildrenTHSP4XXXSpch & Thea for ChildrenUDV
SPCH480Independent StudyTHSP4XXXIndependent StudyUDV
SPN101Elementary Spanish ISPAN1010Elementary Spanish ILDV
SPN201Intermediate Spanish ISPAN2130Interm Spanish for Reading ILDV
SPN202Intermediate Spanish IISPAN2140Interm Spanish for Read IILDV
SPTH310Intro Hum Comm DisordersTHSP3XXXIntro Hum Comm DisordersUDV
SPTH2500Speech and Hearing SciencesELEC2XXXSpeech and Hearing SciencesLDV
SPTH2800Intro to Human CommunicationELEC2XXXIntro to Human CommunicationLDV
SPTH3500Language & Speech Dev/ChildrenELEC3XXXLanguage & Speech Dev/ChildrenUDV
SW320Intro to Social WorkSOCW3XXXIntro to Social WorkUDV
SW440Casewk Serv/Child/YouthSOCW4XXXCasewk Serv/Child/YouthUDV
TELC4002Assessment and EvaluationELEC4XXXAssessment and EvaluationUDV
THEA111Theatre PracticeTHSP1XXXTheatre PracticeLDV
THEA112Theatre PracticeTHSP1XXXTheatre PracticeLDV
THEA120Appreciation of DramaTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
THEA352Modern DramaTHSP3XXXModern DramaUDV
THEA403History of Drama IITHSP3570Theatre History IIUDV
THEA422Contemporary Black DramaTHSP4XXXContemporary Black DramaUDV
THTR1020Appreciation of DramaTHSP1110Introduction to TheatreARTS, LDV, TBR, VPAR
THTR2030Costume & MakeupTHSP2XXXCostume & MakeupLDV
UNIV1000Service to LeadershipELEC1XXXService to Leadership
UNIV1011Reading in the DisciplinesUSTU1XXXReading in the DisciplinesLDV
UNIV2010Critical ThinkingELEC2XXXCritical Thinking
UNIV3580Hebrew & Greek LegacyELEC3XXXHebrew & Greek LegacyUDV
UNIV3581Faith, Reason & ImaginationELEC3XXXFaith, Reason & ImaginationUDV
UNVIV1011Reading in the DisciplinesUSTU1XXXReading in the DisciplinesLDV
URBS2010Intro to Urban StudiesELEC2XXXIntro to Urban StudiesLDV
URBS3000Community Leadership/Pub ServELEC3XXXCommunity Leadership/Pub ServUDV
URBS3030Urban Policies and IssuesELEC3XXXUrban Policies and IssuesUDV
WMST2000Intro to Women's StudiesWSTU2000Intro to Women's StudiesLDV, SSCI
ZOO201Human Anatomy and PhysiologyBIOL2060Functional Human AnatomyLDV
ZOO202Human Anatomy and PhysiologyBIOL2080Human PhysiologyLDV
ZOO470Physiology & PathophysiologyBIOL4XXXPhysiology & PathophysiologyUDV
ZOO471Physiology & PathophysiologyBIOL4XXXPhysiology & PathophysiologyUDV