Registration Errors and Overrides

Overrides are provided by the department in which the class in question is offered. You will need to approach the department head, or whomever he or she has authorized to handle overrides, and ask for the override appropriate to your situation. The listing is available below.

  • Closed Class Override (registration error: Class is closed): allows a student to register for a closed class (class has met maximum enrollment) or a class with a zero (0) limit.
  • Corequisite Override (registration error: Co-requisite required): allows a student to take a course that requires another specific course independent of a course that is required simultaneously.
  • Prerequisite Override (registration error: Must meet pre-req or test score): allows a student to take a course without meeting the pre-requisite requirement.
  • Classification Override (registration error: You do not have sufficient hours to take this course): allows freshmen or sophomores to take 3000 or 4000 level courses or courses that require a certain number of earned hours.
  • Program Override (registration error: Specific program required for this course): allows a student to register for a course that is limited to specific majors.
  • Time Conflict Override (registration error: Time conflict with CRN#): allows a student to register for a course that is less than 10 minutes from another course.

Each Department has their own process for issuing overrides. To request specific departmental overrides, please visit the link below for information on who to contact. If you have been issued any overrides you may view that information in your MyMocsNet account by clicking the "Academics" tab and then clicking "Registration Status." After an override is issued you must still register yourself into the course.


Updated Override Information List