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Unless indicated, all forms must be printed, completed and submitted to the Records Office.  All forms may be faxed or scanned and emailed except the Authorization to Disclose Information (FERPA) form.  Our fax number is 423-425-2172.  Our email address is

Transcripts and Enrollment Verification

  • Transcript Request: Transcripts are now ordered and processed through the National Student Clearinghouse. Please click here for more information on how to order and receive your transcript.
  • Enrollment Verification: This form has recently been updated to be submitted via electronic signature and submission until the 14th day of each term.  After the 14th day, enrollment is verified by the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Letter of Good Standing: also known as a "transient letter". This form has recently been updated to be submitted via electronic signature and submission. Please log in when prompted and continue to the electronic form.

General Academic Forms

Graduation Forms

  • Students applying for December 2015 graduation, submit the paper application at this link: Undergraduate Application for Graduation.

    Students applying for graduation beginning with May 2016 graduation must apply online.
    • The Application for Graduation is located in MyMocsNet on the Academics Tab

      Applications must be submitted online by the following dates:
      Spring Graduation     October 15th
      Summer Awarding     March 15th
      Fall Graduation           June 15th

      After the deadline date, late applications may be submitted. A $50 late fee will be assessed. No late applications will be accepted after the following dates:
      Spring Graduation     April 1st
      Summer Awarding     July 5th
      Fall Graduation          November 1st

  • Graduate Student Candidacy/Graduation Application: due the term prior to expected graduation, on the last day of early registration - Academic Calendar
  • Diploma Mailing Request: Prior to your graduation, please update your permanent address in MyMocsNet with the address you expect to live at 6-8 weeks following graduation. If you are submitting a request AFTER your graduation, please submit your request online.

Petitions and Appeals

  • Undergraduate Student Petition: this form will serve as a request for the following:
    • Excess Hours, Substitution of Course, Waiver of Course
    • Exception to Last 24 Hr Residency Requirement, Exception to 60/64 Hr Residency Requirement
    • Waiver of Course
    • Extension of Incomplete are entered by the instructor through the Change of Grade process in Sharepoint
    • Undergraduate Major and Minor Course Substitution Petitions are entered by the faculty/advisor via MyMocsDegree

  • General Education Petition: this form will serve as a request to substitute General Education requirements from other institutions.
  • Request for an Exception to the Withdrawal Deadline:this form must be accompanied by faculty signatures, a personal statement by the student, and detailed supporting documentation. For standard withdrawals (NOT exceptions), please refer to the Withdrawal Process.
  • Appeal From Suspension or Dismissal: this appeal must be submitted no later than one week prior to the beginning of classes for each term.
  • Application for Academic Forgiveness

Other Important Forms

  • Information Update: This form has recently been updated to be submitted via electronic signature and submission. Please log in when prompted and continue to the electronic form. Name changes, Date of Birth corrections, and Social Security Number corrections require supporting documentation. Address and phone number changes must be made via your MyMocsNet account.
  • Request to Withhold Directory Information: this form will remove or reinstate access to Directory Information.  Withholding of Directory Information includes Enrollment and Degree Verification.
  • Authorization to Disclose Information (FERPA): this form must be notarized and may not be faxed.  Our office must acquire the original signature.