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Withdrawal Approval Form 

  • Monetary holds were applied the morning of Thursday April 2, 2020.  If you have a hold for an outstanding balance and would like to drop a Summer or Fall 2020 course, you will need to submit a Withdrawal Approval Request Form. Please contact the Bursar's Office at 423-425-4781 or to start this process. 

Registration Approval Form

  • Monetary holds were applied the morning of Thursday, April 2, 2020. If you have a hold for an outstanding balance and would like to register for classes, you will need to contact the Bursar's Office at 423-425-4781 or

Enrollment Verifications

  • Enrollment Verification:

    • This form is submitted via electronic signature until the first week of the semester. After the first week, enrollment is verified by the National Student Clearinghouse.

  • Letter of Academic Standing:

    • Also known as a "transient letter.” This form has recently been updated to be submitted via electronic signature and submission. Log in when prompted and continue to the electronic form.

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General Academic Forms

  • Program/Minor/Catalog Year Change Request:

    • This process is all electronic and is submitted to the Records Office for processing once completed by the student. It can take up to five business days for the change to show in the student's MyMocsNet and MyMocsDegree accounts.
  • Individual Studies Contract:
  • Registration and Drop/Add Form:

    • This form is for circumstances which prompt a need for manual registrations ONLY and should be submitted to the Records Office by the appropriate registration drop/add deadline of each term.

    • All closed classes, prerequisites and corequisites require online department head approval prior to registration.

  • Late Add Request form
    • This form is for special late add requests following the standard registration deadlines.

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Graduation Forms

Undergraduate and graduate students must apply for graduation online in MyMocsNet under the Academics Tab.

  • Students are eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies upon completion of all requirements for the degree. Students with extenuating circumstances may request to participate in a graduation ceremony other than the ceremony that is compatible with the semester in which degree requirements are completed by submitting the Request to Walk form. Students participating in the graduation ceremonies will not receive the degree until they have fulfilled all degree requirements. Students receiving degrees in August may walk in May or December. The request form along with specific participation guidelines are found hereStudents who subsequently finish all graduation requirements after the degree conferral date will be awarded their degree at the following degree conferral date. 
  • Diploma Mailing Request: For previous UTC graduates whose diplomas have not yet been picked up or mailed, please complete this electronic form
    • Diplomas will be delivered to the Records Office approximately eight weeks after graduation. Graduates will be sent an email to their UTC account when they have arrived and students will have two weeks to come by the Records Office to pick up their diploma. Students must bring a photo ID with them and have no holds on their account (see below for more information on holds).
    • After 2 weeks all remaining diplomas will be mailed out to the address listed on their graduation application. If this address changes after the application is submitted, please notify the Records Office at
  • Request to Walk in Commencement: If you are requesting to walk in a commencement ceremony that is not compatible with the semester in which you are completing your requirements for your degree (Ex: Finishing your requirements in Summer semester, but desire to walk in May or December commencement), complete this form. You will receive a confirmation or rejection email to your UTC email account.

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Petitions and Appeals

  • Undergraduate Student Petition: this form will serve as a request for the following:

    • Excess hours, substitution of course, waiver of course

    • Exception to last 24 hour residency requirement, exception to 60/64 hour residency requirement

    • Waiver of course

    • Extension of incompletes are entered by the instructor through the change of grade process in Sharepoint

    • Undergraduate major and minor course substitution petitions are entered by the faculty/advisor via MyMocsDegree

  • General Education Petition:

    • This form will serve as a request to substitute General Education requirements from other institutions.

  • Request for an Exception to the Withdrawal Deadline:

    • This online form must be accompanied by a personal statement by the student and detailed supporting documentation. This form requires a valid UTC ID login. If you no longer have an active UTC account, please email for further information. For standard withdrawals (NOT exceptions), refer to the Withdrawal Process.

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Other Important Forms

  • Information Update:
    • Log in when prompted and continue to the electronic form. Name changes, date of birth corrections, and social security number corrections require supporting documentation. Address and phone number changes must be made via your MyMocsNet account.

*You may now request to use a preferred first name. A preferred first name is a name that you wish to be known by on campus. Click here to verify and update your preferred first name. Preferred first names are limited to alphabetical characters, apostrophes, periods and hyphens.

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