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Career Resources:

  • Center for Career and Leadership Development - Provides free resources to students and alumni to assist them with finding employment opportunities.

  • Spotlight on Careers - Provides career-planning resources for liberal arts students.

  • Jobipedia - A site run by the HR Policy Association trade group. Job seekers ask questions which are answered by representatives of major employers. They keep an archive of answered questions that is available to browse.

  • Careers for Students of History - A career guide from the American Historical Association, the major professional organization for historians.

  • Careers for History Majors - Another helpful guide from the American Historical Association.

  • What to Do with a BA in History - A blog of the American Historical Association.

  • Career Diversity - If you major in history do you have to become a historian?  No.  This site from the American Historical Association will help you understand and articulate the usefulness of historical training to a variety of career paths.

  • Ten Ways to Market a Liberal Arts Degree - Good advice from a broad-based site for job seekers.

  • The UTC History Department Blog - Includes posts with career planning resources and other history news.

  • Talent Desk - Includes a Career Finder tool that helps history majors find career inspiration and opportunities.

Graduate School Resources: