Department of History Scholarships


Dylan Wright

Why I Choose History:

“I chose history because I wanted to find out how past events have influenced the present day. … [H]istory has not only expanded my horizon but also taught me how important the interpretation of knowledge can be. … I am forever grateful for the opportunities the History Department has given me to succeed.”


Kaitlyn Borton

Why I Choose History:

“Pursuing history offers a number of benefits, primarily allowing a broadening of one’s own understanding of the world and its complex social structures. Majoring in history has also allowed me to share this knowledge with others, and will allow me to inspire younger historians. Being part of the UTC history department has been a great experience.”


Emery Benson

Why I Choose History:

“Most importantly, pursuing a history degree at UTC grows my empathy for people across the globe. … My love for history has been encouraged in classes with wonderful discussions and professors who go above and beyond to answer questions, share resources, and foster my academic growth.”


Alex Furr

Why I Choose History:

“Being a part of this department has changed my life; every day, I can pursue my personal passions through research and study, with continual guidance and support from the incredible educators around me. … Thank you, UTC History Department, for the greatest experience I could have asked for.”