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Writing and Communication Center

Everyone can benefit from getting feedback on their writing. At the WCC, we help students, faculty, and staff with any type of writing or communication project—including research papers, presentations, and resumes—at any stage in the process.

In response to COVID-19, we are conducting all consultations online. Whether you book a videoconferencing consultation or you choose to get feedback over email, our goals are still to help you feel more confident in your writing and to give you suggestions for revising your work.

Online Writing Help

The WCC offers two options for online writing consultations:

  • Real time online consultations: Meet virtually with a WCC consultant to discuss your writing. These consultations utilize audio/video and a shared whiteboard space through WCONLINE, our online scheduling software. Watch now to learn how to book one.
  • Email feedback: Submit a draft of your paper anytime and receive feedback via email within 48 hours. Note that consultants do not edit or proofread papers. Instead, they offer substantive feedback to help you strengthen your writing. Watch now to learn more.

Book either type of writing help through WCONLINE. Need help resetting your WCONLINE password? Instructions here.

Consult the WCC resources page to access handouts and a curated list of links or view our Virtual Writing Workshops for tips and tricks on a variety of writing-related topics.

Please email wcc@utc.edu if you have questions.