MyMocsNet and Your Award Letter

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Here’s a snapshot of everything you need to know as a financial aid recipient at UTC.

Don’t forget, your award letter will have specifics on your award information, including the amount of funds you are eligible to receive.

MyMocsNet Instructions

This is the online portal where you have access to financial aid information specific to you. Check MyMocsNet regularly for award information, missing documents, accepting your awards and more.

Accessing Financial Aid Requirements

  • Don’t miss out on financial aid. Here’s how to make sure you have submitted all necessary documents.

Accepting Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Student Loan and Work Study offers must be accepted or declined through MyMocsNet
  • You have 30 days to accept Perkins Loans and Work Study through your MyMocsNet account before these offers will be cancelled
  • Student loans may be accepted in partial amounts; however, the amount you accept will be disbursed in two amounts, half for fall and half for the spring semester
  • You must let the Financial Aid Office know of any aid you are receiving that is not listed on the award letter.  Aid you receive from outside sources may result in a reduction or cancellation of the aid listed on your award letter

Check Your Bookstore Credit Balance

  • If you have a credit balance after these charges for tuition, housing and dining fees are paid, you may charge books in the UTC Bookstore to your Mocs Card. This option is available during the first week of classes and based on your available credit, up to a maximum of $700.

Check Your Statement

  • What do you owe? Does your financial aid cover all of your costs? Check your statement to find out.

Accessing Financial Aid and TN HOPE Surveys

  • You must complete the financial aid authorization survey if you want your financial aid to pay for charges other than fees and housing.

Check Your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

  • Make sure you’re on the right track to keeping your financial aid during your time at UTC.

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Important things to remember as a financial aid recipient

Aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment:

Enrollment status for financial aid purposes is determined on the last day to add classes for the semester and eligibility is adjusted accordingly. Aid is awarded for the academic year, half for fall and half for spring.

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FAQs and tips

We must first determine if you have financial need, which is calculated using the following formula:

Cost of Attendance - Expected Family Contribution (EFC*) = Financial Need

*Calculated based on the FAFSA information submitted

Cost of attendance (COA) is an estimate of the educational expenses a student may incur during an academic year.  This includes additional expenses not billed by UTC. 

  • To see an estimate of one semester’s cost at UTC, please use our Tuition Estimator.
  • The Estimated Cost of Attendance for full-time UTC students includes expenses for direct costs (tuition, fees, books, supplies) and related expenses (living, transportation). If enrolled less than full time, the estimated book allowance will be prorated. 
  • The estimated tuition and fee component in your cost of attendance will be replaced with your actual fees on the first day of each semester.  
  • Disbursed grants and HOPE Scholarship will be prorated based on your enrollment status on the last day to add classes each semester.  
  • Total financial aid cannot exceed estimated cost of attendance.
  • By accepting Financial Aid, you are acknowledging acceptance of tuition and fee charges assessed upon registration in UTC classes.  
  • If you decide not to enroll at UTC, you must withdraw from ALL courses before the first day of classes to avoid any fee-related charges.  If your financial aid does not cover your entire UTC bill, you are responsible for either paying the balance or making arrangements for payment (Tuition Installment Plan) through your MyMocsNet account prior to the fee payment deadline published in the academic calendar.  
  • Your classes will be cancelled if you have not paid in full or have not made arrangements to pay by the fee payment deadline.

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  • Financial aid is first applied to tuition, fees, housing and dining charges.  
  • If you have a credit balance after these charges are paid, you may charge books in the UTC Bookstore during the first week of classes (based on your available credit, up to a maximum of $700).  
  • If your financial aid still exceeds your UTC charges after actual bookstore charges, you will receive a refund.  
  • Students eligible for refunds at the beginning of the term should receive a refund during the second week of classes.  
  • Subsequent refunds are disbursed on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  
  • Refund checks may be direct deposited or are available in the Bursar's Office with your UTC ID.
  • Consider paying the balance in installments via the Tuition Installment Plan. Learn more →
  • Check out available institutional and outside scholarships. Learn more →
  • Parent PLUS Loans are credit-based federal loans borrowed in the parent's name for dependent undergraduate students. A separate application is required for PLUS Loans. Learn more →
  • If you have financial need, consider completing the Request for Supplemental Funds Form. Learn more →
  • If additional aid is still needed, credit-based private loans are available to qualified students. Learn more →

What if I am eligible to receive the HOPE scholarship, but it is not on this award letter?

Check out these steps to help you troubleshoot why the HOPE scholarship is not showing up on your award letter.

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What are the requirements for student loans?

Learn more about student loans, from how to apply to managing student loan debt.

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Tips for managing student loan debt

Read up on options like loan consolidation, repayment methods and forgiveness.

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Don’t forget about the UTC Financial Wellness Center, where mentors work with students and graduates to plan a budget, build credit, pay off student debt and more.

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What are my student loan options and what makes them different?

With so many options, how do you decide which one is best for you? We’re here to help.

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Federal regulations require evaluation of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for federal financial aid applicants.  

  • You must earn (pass) a cumulative 67 percent of college credit hours attempted and maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 UTC GPA to remain eligible for financial aid.  
  • You may receive financial aid until you have attempted 150 percent of the published hours required for your major.  
  • If you exceed 225 cumulative (including transfer) undergraduate attempted hours you are not eligible to receive financial aid or appeal your status.  

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What are the financial aid implications of withdrawing from UTC classes?

Financial aid recipients who officially withdraw from UTC or stop attending all classes may owe money back to financial aid programs.

If you are in a situation where you need to withdraw from classes, meet with our staff. We can advise you on the best course of action and let you know what to expect.

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