Summer Break Policy

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To be eligible for an extended summer vacation, F-1 students enrolled in an English as a Second Language course at UTC must:

  • Complete at least 26 weeks of study prior to the extended summer vacation (students must complete fall and spring terms).

  • Complete the online application for the following fall term by the deadline published by the ESL Institute.

  • Provide all necessary documentation, be accepted for the fall term and receive an updated I-20 form by the deadline specified by the ESL Institute.

  • Register for fall classes and make a tuition payment of at least 25% (after open registration begins).

  • Maintain good immigration and academic standing prior to the extended summer vacation.

  • Participate in the Fall Orientation for New International Students.

  • Acquire a travel signature on their I-20 if they are planning to travel outside the USA.

The duration of the summer vacation is equivalent to one ESL long term (up to 16 weeks). Students are required to register for the following fall term.

Note that students are NOT covered by UTC student health insurance during their extended summer vacation.  

During the summer vacation, eligible F-1 students are allowed to take a break or enroll in either full-time or part-time courses. For more information, visit the official website for the Department of Homeland Security.