A Day in the Life

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This event is over, but we look forward to seeing you next year!

Oct. 20, 2018 for A Day in the Life

Targeted at schools with STEM-themed academies, including the 13 Future Ready Institutes in Hamilton County Schools, UTC CECS is proud to offer this opportunity for high school students, their families, and high school personnel to experience hands-on activities, visit our facilities, learn about Engineering and Computer Science, and witness “A Day in the Life”!  We will have various activities including Soil Classification and Bridge Design, Rocket Design and Baja Car Demonstration, Drone Control, Chem-E Car, Building Block Demonstration, and Cyber Security.  Additionally, representatives from Financial Aid will present pertinent info., and a student panel will answer questions and discuss all aspects of being a CECS student.

Watch the video from our last Open House Event

A Day in the Life - Sample Schedule
(Groups will rotate through each hands-on workshop covering each activity listed below.)

8:30-9:00 Sign-In: 2nd floor EMCS, breezeway entrance
Welcome: Card Auditorium, Opening Presentation- Dean Pack, Admissions & Julie David

Session 1: EMCS 102, Civil Engineering Activities-Soil Classification and Bridge Design

11:00 -11:55 Session 2: EMCS 114, Mechanical Engineering Activities-Baja Car and Rocket Video
Lunch: Card Auditorium, Financial Aid and Scholarships Presentation and Student Panel
Session 3: SIM Center 109 (hands on portion 30 minutes to allow for longer transition time) Controlling a drone autonomously through a local positioning system
Session 4: EMCS 426 (Maytag Room) Building Blocks (BB) Simulation in the Basic on Lean Systems
Session 5: EMCS 220 Computer Science: Cyber Security demonstration

If you have questions, or need more information, please contact our Student Success Center, 423.425.5465