We would like to extend our thanks for your interest in applying for and acquiring scholarships. UTC scholarship funds are limited and the awarding process is competitive. Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee a student will receive a scholarship. The best way to improve your candidacy is to always submit all required materials as soon as possible. Keep in mind, to be screened for UTC Scholarship funds, all accepted students must complete the UTC Online Scholarship Application.

The UTC Online Scholarship Application

The 2019-2020 UTC Online Scholarship Application is now available for all students! Get a jump start on Fall 2019 and review our How To Apply tutorial. Then you’re ready to access the UTC Online Scholarship Application. Don’t forget to check out our Dates & Deadlines and Frequently Asked Questions links for more information.

As always, keep in mind that university scholarships are very competitive and funds are limited, so please apply early. Also, be sure the information you include in your application is accurate. Finally, don’t forget that the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens every OCTOBER 1 for the next academic year. We encourage you to complete this online as soon as it's available, since it provides much needed information to our office. The FAFSA is also your application for the Tennessee Lottery HOPE Scholarship, so put October 1 on your calendar every year.  For more information on federal/state financial aid, specifically UTC's Steps to Apply, visit the UTC Financial Aid home page.

Types of Scholarships:

Institutional Scholarships:

These awards are funded by UTC and other sources. The primary awards include the Chancellor's Scholarship, Provost's Scholarship, Mocs Scholarship, Chattanooga Yes!, Academic Service Scholarship and Transfer Scholarship.


Endowed Scholarships:

These awards are generously provided to our students through private donations to UTC. There are many scholarships available to students based on various criteria, but not limited to, financial need, major, grade point average, community or campus based activities, and student classification. A list and brief description of these endowed scholarships are available through the Search UTC Scholarships link.


Departmental Scholarships:

The different departments on campus have various scholarships they award throughout the year. A list and brief description of these departmental scholarships are available through the Search UTC Scholarships link, including contact information for each respective department.