Forms for UTC International Students

New Semester Check-In Form for International Students (F-1 and J-1) 

New International Students

  1. Immunizations form
  2. SEVIS I-20 transfer form
  3. Pre-arrival travel form for new international students
  4. Health insurance waiver request form
  5. Estimated cost of attendance sheets

Transfer and Transient students

  1. SEVIS transfer verification form
  2. SEVIS transient verification form

Current International Students

  1. Change of academic major request form for undergraduate students
  2. Change of status from F-1 to F-2
  3. Reduced course load request form
  4. New I-20 (F-1)/DS-2019 (J-1) request form
  5. Change of address request
  6. Part-time study opportunities for F-2 students
  7. Driver's license letter request
  8. OPT request form / How Can I Apply for OPT? (Read this first.)
  9. CPT request form / Additional Information about CPT
  10. Degree-seeking international students I-20 extension request form
  11. Download your UnitedHealthcare insurance card
  12. OPT 24-month STEM extension request form
  13. Social security number
  14. F-1 SEVIS transfer out request form
  15. Policy: I-20 extension request upon graduation

J-1 Students and Scholars

  1. J-1 information for visiting scholars and students
  2. J-1 scholar application
  3. Exchange student application form (J-1/DS-2019)
  4. J-1 extension policy and procedure at UTC
  5. J-1 scholar check-in form
  6. New I-20 (F-1)/DS-2019 (J-1) request form
  7. Health Insurance Waiver Form
  8. Transfer out request for J -1 scholars



  1. Agent profile form for international student recruitment



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