Check-In Form

As an F-1 student, you are required to check in with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services every semester. 

The Check-In form is due at 11:59 p.m. on the day prior to the first day of classes. 

Spring 2021 Check-In Form

Change of Major

If you are an international student on an F-1 visa and you intend to change your major, you must request a new I-20. 

1) Apply for a change of major through your academic advisor.

2) Once the change of major has been approved, you should request a new I-20 from the Office of International Student and Scholar Services within 10 days. Click here for the change of major form.

3) An international student advisor (Designated School Official/DSO) will issue a new I-20 within 48 business hours (once all required documentation has been received).

Reduced Course Load

As an F-1 visa holder, you are required to be a full-time student. Full-time undergraduate students must take at least 12 semester hours each semester, and full-time graduate students must take at least nine.

If you need to drop below the minimum number of hours, you must obtain approval from the appropriate authorities. Please click here for more information on reducing your course load. Make sure to read all the information carefully and follow the necessary steps to obtain approval.

New I-20 Request

If you need to request a new I-20, please click here.

I-20 Extension Request

If you need extra time to graduate, you must request an I-20 extension. Please fill out this form to do so.