Application for Fall 2020 Brock Scholars Freshman Class

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Here's how to apply.

Prospective freshmen may apply to both the Brock Scholars Program and the HAM Program, but once they have accepted a place in one program, we will no longer consider their application for the other.




Apply for Admission to UTC

First, you must apply for admission to UTC.  

You do not need to wait for your admission decision from the Undergraduate Admissions Office, but you must initiate that application process—including paying the required admission fee—or we cannot consider your Brock Scholars application. 

You should submit the Undergraduate Admissions Application as soon as possible; some academic scholarships, such as the Chancellor’s and Provost’s Scholarships, are awarded on the basis of that application. Funds for these scholarships are limited, so late applicants may not be awarded.

Apply to the Brock Scholars Program

After you have submitted the Undergraduate Admissions application, there is no additional fee to apply to the Brock Scholars Program. 

The Brock Scholars application is used for determining admission to the Brock Scholars Program and for the awarding of William E. Brock, Jr. Scholarships.

You must submit the following materials no later than January 15, 2020 for your Brock Scholars application file to be complete.

Read the following instructions carefully before you begin.

A complete Brock Scholars application file consists of:

  • Brock Scholars Application Form  – You must fill out all sections of this form. You may begin your application and save it to come back to continue at a later time.  When you've completed all sections, remember to click "Submit."  If you simply save it but don't submit it, we will not receive your application properly.

  • Resume – This document should include your participation in school extracurriculars (student government, student organizations and clubs, honors societies, athletics, musical groups, etc.), hobbies and interests, employment, travel experience, honors and awards, and community and volunteer activities. Make clear the level and duration of your participation, including any leadership roles you assumed. This document must be in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format (preferred) or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format.  If we cannot open your file, your application will be considered incomplete.

  • Essay – An original piece of writing on the prescribed topic for this year (specified in the application), demonstrating sharp, original thinking and showcasing your writing at its best. Again, this document must be in .pdf, .doc or .docx format.

  • Teacher Recommendations - We require two recommendations from high school teachers; one must be a teacher of a writing-intensive course (English or another course in which you have done substantial writing assignments), and one must be a math or science teacher.  Do not substitute a family friend, coach, employer or other person who has not taught you in an academic course . NOTE: You must supply the names and email addresses of your two teachers well BEFORE January 15 so that they have time to submit the recommendations by the deadline.

If you have questions about how to submit your application, email or call 423-425-4128.

After a careful review of all application materials, we will invite the most qualified applicants to attend one of three on-campus Candidate Conferences – a great opportunity to learn about the Program, the Honors College, and UTC. Applicants will participate in interviews and a special seminar, meet honors faculty, and socialize with current students. Most applicants find these sessions informative, stimulating and fun.

If you are selected to continue to this second phase of the selection process, participation in all parts of the conference is required for you to remain in consideration as a candidate.  We host three Saturday sessions, on February 15, February 22, and February 29, 2020.  We will do our best to accommodate applicants’ scheduling preferences, but if that is not possible due to space constraints, scheduling priority will be in order of receipt of your application.

After all candidate conferences are completed, the selection committee will notify all applicants by letter of their final admission status, usually by mid March.