How to Apply for Financial Aid at UTC

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Do you need some help paying for school?

If so, the FAFSA is going to be your best friend. The FAFSA—Free Application for Federal Student Aid—is your first step in applying for financial aid at UTC.

Its online application is used to determine eligibility for all federal grants, student loans and the Tennessee HOPE scholarship.

The FAFSA is available Oct. 1 online. You must complete it every year.

 Good to know:

  • The 2018-2019 FAFSA is the application for the following terms: fall 2018, spring 2019 and summer 2019
  • The 2019-2020 FAFSA is the application for the following terms: fall 2019, spring 2020 and summer 2020

Step 1: Complete and e-sign the FAFSA online

  • Available at www.fafsa.govRemember, the FAFSA is FREEdo not allow anyone to charge you for submission.
  • UTC's federal school code is 003529.
  • The student and the parent (if dependent) must both sign the FAFSA using their Federal Student Aid ID and password.
  • The new FAFSA will be available each year on Oct. 1.
  • The FAFSA must be completed each year for the upcoming fall, spring and summer terms.

Continuing students will have the option to pre-fill their FAFSA online. Don’t forget to review all pre-filled information for necessary changes.

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Step 2: Complete the UTC Online Scholarship Application

  • You must be fully admitted to the University before completing the UTC Online Scholarship Application through your MyMocsNet account.
  • All freshmen, continuing and transfer students are encouraged to complete the UTC Online Scholarship Application every year.

 UTC Online Scholarship Application →

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Step 3: Submit all requested documents to the Financial Aid Office

  • Check out this handy Guide to Accessing Your Financial Aid Requirements on MyMocsNet.
  • If selected for Verification, check your MyMocsNet account to see your requirements.
    • The verification process requires UTC to collect documentation of taxable income, in addition to other documents.
    • Tax information must be submitted by either transferring the information directly onto the FAFSA using the Data Retrieval Tool or by requesting a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS.
    • To use the IRS Data match, access your FAFSA application, click on "Make FAFSA Corrections," then select IRS Data Retrieval in the student/parent financial sections.  
    • If you are unable to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you may request a tax return transcript online and submit it online to our office.
    • This is a free process and no one should charge you to complete the FAFSA or make corrections.
    •  If you are requesting a tax return transcript to be mailed to you, you can expect to receive it within 7 to 14 days.
  • All students must be fully admitted to the University before any financial aid will be processed. Contact the Admissions Office if you have not been admitted.

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Step 4: Accept your Financial Aid awards

  • Refresh your knowledge with the Guide to Accessing Your Financial Aid & Scholarships on MyMocsNet.
  • Grants will be accepted on your behalf, but typically, loans and scholarships are offered and must be accepted or declined through MyMocsNet
  • If you are a new Direct Stafford Loan borrower, you will be prompted to complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note at (see step five below).
  • Some awards are time-sensitive and may be canceled after 30 days of student inactivity.

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Step 5: Got loans? Complete all loan-related requirements

Learn more about undergraduate student loans →

Learn more about graduate student loans →

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