If you have received a student loan and you are graduating from UTC, delaying your enrollment, transferring to another school or you have dropped below half time enrollment, you must do the following:

  1. Complete EXIT Loan Counseling for Direct Student Loans at www.studentloans.gov - This is a mandatory on-line information session which takes place when you graduate or drop below half time enrollment status or no longer attend UTC. This session explains your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower, loan repayment responsibility and when repayment begins. If you have received a Federal Perkins Loan, a separate EXIT must be completed with the Bursar's Office. A hold will be placed on your UTC records. No transcripts will be released and no future UTC registration will be permitted until the EXIT is completed.
  2. For money management tips, visit our Financial Wellness Center.
  3. View your student loan history at NSLDS.ed.gov - You will need your 4-digit FAFSA PIN to access this information. If you do not have one, you may establish one at https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm
  4. Avoid defaulting on your loan - Understanding the repayment process for your federal student loans can be beneficial to building a firm financial foundation. Loans must be repaid, so do not ignore your payments.

If you have registered for classes and you decide not to attend before the first day of classes, you must:

  1. drop all courses online through your MyMocsNet. 
  2. send email to the Financial Aid Office (finaid@utc.edu from your UTC email) requesting cancellation of all aid.
  3. complete steps 1 - 4 above if you have received a student loan at UTC.

Students wishing to drop all of their classes as of the first day of class or after must:

  1. complete the withdrawal process before all classes will be dropped.
  2. complete steps 1 - 4 above if you have received a loan at UTC.  You may owe a portion of your financial aid based on the number of days you attended classes and the amount of aid received.  The Financial Aid Office will notify you of any balance due within 45 days.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@utc.edu if you have any questions.