Undergraduate Program

The foundation of the English major is a comprehensive preparation in literature, creative writing, and rhetoric and professional writing.  The core courses in our undergraduate program direct students through historical, theoretical, and practical knowledge of the cultural and linguistic forces that continue to shape our society and the wide variety of texts—both literary and nonliterary in nature—it produces.  Likewise, our core curriculum prepares students for careful and systematic analysis of both literary and nonliterary texts.

Every aspect of the English Department’s program attempts to communicate a sense of wonder and excitement about our written culture and to engage the student’s imagination. We make students aware that whenever they read or write, complex and sometimes contradictory elements—factual, emotive, logical—must be apprehended, held in balance, and accorded appropriate weight. We want them to be able to identify and order intricate responses to arrive at a sound understanding of a written text or to produce clear and forceful writing of their own. 

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Our students choose from a variety of elective courses in particular periods and specials topics. Our curriculum for undergraduate majors leads to baccalaureate degrees in literature, creative writing, and rhetoric & professional writing. Descriptions of our BA programs are available under the course catalog that applies to you.  Search for English under the College of Arts and Sciences. 

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Descriptions of our minors—in literature, writing, and creative writing—are available under the course catalog as well.  Once again, search for English under the College of Arts and Sciences.

UTC offers a BA with a Creative Writing concentration. Students take a wide-range of courses and can emphasize fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry with award-winning faculty.

The program also includes several opportunities to get involved in English department publications and the biannual Meacham Writers' Workshop.

Our students, and the Sequoya Review, have won first prizes prize in poetry and fiction and second prize in Literary Magazines at the Southern Literary Festival. More than twenty UTC undergrads have gone on to publish almost fifty books. One recent graduate received a $100,000 advance for her YA novel, to be published in 2016.

Many have gone onto teach at various levels here and abroad and have entered the publishing and advertising fields.


UTC’s B.A. concentration in Rhetorical and Professional Writing (RPW) call upon students to apply critical and rhetorical skills to a wide range of academic, professional, and public settings. Our courses in rhetorical theory and criticism, visual rhetoric, argumentation, writing and publishing in print and digital media, writing for nonprofits, environmental writing, and composition and literacy studies give students opportunities to explore how rhetoric works and develops within communities, cultures, workplaces, and classrooms. Our goals are for students to develop a critical awareness of writing, rhetoric, technology, and culture; the ability to communicate with diverse audiences; and make connections between what happens inside and outside the classroom.

Our students have opportunities to gain professional experience through community-engaged experiential-learning courses, collaboration on department-sponsored publications, and internships with local nonprofits and businesses.

In your sophomore year you will be assigned a faculty advisor from within the English department faculty.  

You will also have access to the BlackBoard site for English majors that has more detailed information regarding the undergraduate program.

 The English department offers several scholarships and writing contests.

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