The Hub

Student Success Center

Who We Are

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to supporting student success and ensuring students have access to the resources necessary to empower them to take ownership of their educational experience, both inside and out of the classroom.

The Hub, Arts and Sciences’ centralized student success center, is currently co-located with the Dean’s Office in 540 McCallie. Our permanent space will be in Lupton Hall, once renovated.

Connect. Support. Succeed.

The purpose of the Hub is to connect students with the resources available to support them and empower them to succeed.

The Hub will ensure the advising experience within the College of Arts and Sciences is consistent, proactive, relational and purposeful. We provide coordinated, intentional outreach to anticipate and respond to student needs, ensuring they are able to successfully navigate our College and the campus.

Through the advising relationship, we also empower students to be thoughtful and deliberate about post graduation planning, so they identify themselves not just as a UTC CAS student, but as a successful graduate.logo-the hub-connect, support, succeed-college of arts and sciences