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Anna Savary, M.A.
Assistant Director for the Center for Global Education, ESL Program Director
M.A. Linguistics and Intercultural Communication from Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland; D.E.U.F Université Jean Moullin Lyon III, France
  (423) 425-4754
  (423) 425-4768
  Hooper 202A
  Mondays through Fridays 8am -5pm

Advice for ESL students

Be involved. You will be bombarded with emails inviting you to participate in after-class activities at UTC. Don’t be shy and sign up! By participating in service learning opportunities and hands-on projects, you will not only be improving your English but also learning more about teamwork, leadership and intercultural communication.


Learn more about our Program Director:

Hometown: Szczyrk, Poland 

Areas of expertise: As a Program Director I am in charge of program development, curriculum design as well as monitoring student achievement through sound assessment practices. I am passionate about maintaining high quality standards for our ESL Program and streamlining the operations of our ESL Institute. I apply my knowledge of cross-cultural communication as well as my international background to facilitate the admission process for new incoming ESL students.

Favorite place on campus: By far it's the Challenger STEM Learning Center.  The Center's Programs include simulated space missions that introduce students to real-world applications of STEM principles. They have a replica of a space shuttle and an amazing control center. Our ESL students have a lot of fun there every year during their Voyage to Mars simulation. 

Favorite thing about UTC: The support and commitment of the UTC community when it comes to expanding international partnerships and embracing diversity. 

Interesting facts: My native language is Polish, which explains all those consonants and hardly any vowels in the name of my hometown. I've always loved travelling and learning languages. I started learning English at the age of six. I took up French when I was twelve. I speak Polish when I visit my family, French when I'm at home and English at work. I also picked up some Italian when I was living in Turin and working for FIAT. I may know a thing or two about trucks and Italian sports cars. I've lived in Poland, Italy, France and now the USA.