Undecided on Your Major?

students on computers in library

You are not alone.

Students who are undecided on their academic majors make up a large portion of each entering class at UTC. Many students change majors at least once before graduating.

Being an undecided student allows to explore options while working on general education requirements. College is a great time to learn about yourself and discover what you want to do with your life.

As an undecided student, you must be actively engaged in finding a major. You are responsible for working to learn about major and career options that may be suited to your skills, abilities and interests. Your homework for the next few months is to find out what major(s) interest you.

The undergraduate catalog states that students should declare a major before completing 42 credit hours. This helps ensure that you can graduate in a timely manner. Start the exploration process early!

Although there is no single, prescribed method for finding a major, this site offers a variety of resources to help you get started. Call or visit our office for more information.

Undecided students contact Kayla McAuliffe or Jena Doolittle for advisement.