Frequently  Asked Questions

When is my payment due for fees each semester?  

Payment is due on or before the published due date for each semester.  Applicable due dates are printed on all Electronic Mocs Express Statements.  You may also view due dates for each semester on the Bursar’s web site by going to fee information and clicking on the appropriate semester. Bursar's site.


I paid for my parking decal online where can I pick it up?

Parking Decals that are paid online can be picked up in the Bursars Office, located in the University Center, room 274, after a 24 hour processing period.  You can come to the Bursars Office, pay with credit card and pick up your decal the same day.   For more information visit parking’s web site. Parking's Site.


When will I receive a fee statement?

Electronic Mocs Express Statements are generated for priority registered students approximately six weeks before the beginning of each semester.  Failure to view your e-statement does not relieve you of your obligation to meet the fee payment deadline.


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, UTC has a Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP):

Beginning fall 2015 UTC implemented a new installment plan.  The plan requires a $30.00 extension fee plus a minimum payment of 25% of the student’s balance with three additional 25% payments.   More information on the TIPP is located at the following link:



How and where can I pay my fees?

  • Via the web - through your MyMocsNet account; click on the money tab, then in the Manage My Account channel, select Go to My Account, make a payment –UTC accepts: MasterCard, American Express, VIsa and Discover - On line ONLY.  There is a convenience fee for all credit card payments.  You can also pay with Electronic Check (echeck) with no additional fees. 
  • Walk in - You may pay in the Bursar’s Office (Rm 274 of the University Center) with cash or check payments only.
  • By mail - payment must be received in the Bursar’s Office by the deadline.  Allow for mail time.


Why must I have a FERPA pin to discuss my student's account?

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act also  known as the "Buckley Amendment, is a federal law enacted in 1974 that gives students certain rights regarding their educational records.  Students can complete the FERPA Disclosure form to provide access to their records.  This form must be notarized with the student's signature and cannot be faxed because the form must have the original signature when turned into the Records Office.  Once completed an email will be sent to the individual(s) listed on the form with the appropriate pin needed when contacting UTC regarding the student's account.  Contact the Records Office with FERPA related questions (423) 425-4416.


  What if my payment for fees for the semester is not received by the due date?

If your payment is not received by the due date, your classes will be cancelled for non-payment.  All mail received by the deadline will be processed before classes are cancelled.  If your classes are cancelled you will need to register if you plan on attending.  There is no guarantee you will get the same classes.  Your fees must be received in the Bursar’s Office prior to the first day of the semester to avoid a late fee assessment.


Can I set up refunds to be automatically deposited into a bank account?

Yes, when you make an electronic check payment you will have the option to save that checking account information as a payment method for future payments.  Payment methods can also be used for refunds.  You can have multiple payment methods, but only one payment method can be used for refunds.  A payment method that is set up for refunds will display a green check mark beside it.



Why do I pay Out-Of-State Tuition?

 Out of State Students pay tuition.  Students classified as in-state do not pay tuition because they are funded by the State of Tennessee.  Contact Undergraduate Admission at (423) 425-4662 or The Graduate School at (423) 425-4666, if you have specific questions regarding your residency.


What is the Maintenance Fee?

The maintenance fee is assessed to all students.  This is the per hour charge for credit or audit for a class.


Do I qualify for Regional Tuition Discount?

Application and Questions concerning the Regional Tuition Discount should be directed to the Undergraduate Office (423) 425-4662 or The Graduate School (423) 425-4666.


Will I be charged if I drop/withdraw from classes?

 See the following link for drop and withdrawal charges: Drop Withdrawal Charges.


Are lab, course, differential and music fees refundable?

Lab/Studio, course, differential and music fees are non-refundable after the 100% refund period ends for each semester.  Link: Refunds and Charges.



What are the different type fees I am charged at UTC?

You can find an explanation for each fee assessed in the online Student Handbook located on the UTC web page. The following is a link directly to the Student Handbook.  The link below is to "Student Rights and Responsibilities" where you will see a brief description of each fee listed under "Student Expenses".


What if my fees are paid by a third party?

If your fees are to be billed to an employer, government agency, foreign embassy, etc.  you should bring the necessary paperwork to the Bursar’s Office.  It needs to be received approximately four weeks prior to the beginning  of classes each semester so that your account can be credited and your sponsor billed.  You are responsible for any amount not collected from your sponsor.  Please note there is a $5.00 billing fee. If the fee is not paid by the third party the student is responsible for the fee.


Who is an Authorized User?

This type user is set up by the student and given the ability to access the student’s account information, to make payments and/or view the payment history.  The user will receive a username and password.  Authorized users DO NOT have access to the student’s stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information.  A student can have multiple Authorized Users and will determine the type of account access per Authorized User.  The Authorize Users Login Here.


Do I have to submit a Teacher or State Dependent/State Employee/Board of Regents form each semester?

Yes,   forms must be received prior to the end of the semester in order for the student to receive the discount.  The employer’s signature for certification should be obtained no earlier than June 1 for fall, October 1 for spring and March 1 for summer: You can print Teacher or State Dependent/State Employee forms from the Bursar's Web site. Go to Forms.