M.A., Fordham University, 2010

B.A., Columbia University, 2008



My research explores the relationship between early-medieval Celtic Ireland, Anglo-Saxon Britain, and Carolingian Europe with an eye toward the textual inter-relatedness of those places. My past research has concerned hagiographies, penitential literature, and monuments of historical consciousness that survive from the early Middle Ages (e.g. ecclesiastical histories [esp. Bede], annalistic literature, and works of psuedo-history from Ireland and Britain [esp. Nennius, Gildas, and the early Irish Book of Invasions']).



CLAS 1200 - Legendary Rome: Epic Founders, Wicked Emperors, Saintly Martyrs

HIST 2100 - Research and Writing in History

UHON 3510 - Consilience History: The Case of Anglo-Saxon England