Ms. Goldmon's C.V. 


Ph.D. (U.S. History), Emory University, in progress since 2017

M.A. (History), University of Arkansas, 2017

B.A. (History), University of Arkansas, 2014


Ms. Goldmon specializes in twentieth-century United States history, particularly race and agriculture. Her research examines African American farmers in the Black Belt of Alabama between 1881 and 1940, and her dissertation focuses on those farmers and the institutions they relied upon to successfully participate in the agricultural industry as landowners. It proposes a re-evaluation of the agricultural programs at Tuskegee Institute as elements of a radical agrarian tradition through the argument that widespread black landownership had the potential to usher in radical economic, political, and social change. 


United States History from 1877–Present

Conference & Presentation Highlights

The Role of Tuskegee University in Agricultural Outreach and Extension Work for Black Farmers in Rural Alabama, 1940–64,” American Historical Association, January 2020


American Historical Association

Southern Historical Association

Agricultural History Society