M.A. English

The Department of English offers a Master of Arts degree with three concentrations: LiteratureRhetoric and Writing, and Creative Writing.

An M.A. in English allows you to deepen your critical reading and writing skills, hone your creative skills, and allow you to read the world more deeply. To achieve this we offer a small, focused program that allows for personalized study and strong advisement. Our students have gone on to Ph.D. programs ranging from University of California Irvine to Syracuse University. Others have chosen to enter the workforce as instructors or advanced high school teachers. A growing number are opting for careers that recognize their critical thinking, problem solving and writing skills including corporate communications, publishing, editing, grant writing, and a range of work in the non-profit sector.

Learn more about the program in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Feel free to contact the Director of English Graduate Studies, Dr. Rik Hunter (EnglishGrad@utc.edu).

Select the application for your desired start date:

*NOTE: For those wishing to start in the Fall but not be considered for a graduate assistantship, we do accept applications after February 15 up to July 1.

We have recently created deadlines because processing of applications and granting admission can take a few weeks, and upon acceptance, you will need to provide your immunization records to the University. If there are any extenuating circumstances delaying your application, please contact the program drirector.

START FALL '20: Apply by February 15 (for Graduate Assistantship consideration); July 1, otherwise

START SUMMER '20: Apply by April 1

START SPRING '20: Apply by November 1