Directed Self-Placement

UTC’s Composition Program offers three courses as part of the university’s general education curriculum: English 1010, 1011, and 1020. We use Directed Self-Placement (DSP) to help you determine which composition course is right for you.

While our DSP program will guide you through the placement process, we strongly recommend you consult high school counselors, teachers, parents or guardians, and others who are familiar with your writing and your study habits before making a final placement decision.

Step 1

Log into your MyMocs account.

Step 2

Read our course descriptions, objectives, and required outcomes.

Step 3

If applicable, consult UTC’s policies on transfer credits from advanced placement and dual enrollment courses.

If you have credit for English 1006, English 1010, and/or English 1020 through dual enrollment or from another institution, click here. For our policy on credit for Advanced Placement (AP) tests, click here.

Step 4

Review your ACT English sub-score, SAT verbal score, or Advanced Placement English Language & Composition Score.

ACT English

SAT Verbal

AP English Language & Composition    



You’re not required to take English 1010 or 1020.




You may enroll in English 1020 and skip English 1010.



You should enroll in English 1010.




Move to Step 5 and complete the Directed Self-Placement Questionnaire to determine if English 1010 or 1011 is the best fit for you.


Note: If your ACT English sub-score is below 21 (or 520 on the SAT Verbal), English 1011 will give you the best chance for success.

Step 5

Complete the Directed Self-Placement Questionnaire.

If you have questions, please email Dr. Jenn Stewart, Director of Composition, call her at 423-425-5807, call the English Composition Program office at 423-425-4261, or call the English Department at 423-425-4238.