UTC's Directed Self-Placement Program

Are you ready for freshman composition?

While universities across the country use a number of ways to determine placement, UTC uses a combination of placement by ACT English subscores or their SAT Verbal equivalents and Directed Self-Placement (DSP). Directed Self-Placement, which is in use at a number of colleges and universities across the country, helps you choose the course that will give you the best chance for success. Your Directed Self-Placement begins by familiarizing yourself with our courses and examining your writing and reading practices through self-analysis. You will learn the detailed expectations of each course and make a selection based on your judgment of your ability to meet those expectations. Please read all the information carefully before making your choice. We suggest that you consult with your high school counselor, teachers, parents or guardian, and others who are familiar with your writing and your study habits before making your final placement decision.

Directed Self-Placement

Before you begin the Directed Self-Placement process

Then, make sure you have the following information:

  • Your ACT English sub-score or SAT Verbal score
  • Your approximate rank in your high school graduating class

Begin with your ACT English sub-score or your SAT verbal score.

  • If you have an ACT English sub-score of 30 or above (SAT Verbal of 680 or above), you may enroll in English 1020 and skip English 1010.
  • If your ACT English sub-score is 25-29 (SAT Verbal of 570-670), you should enroll in English 1010.
  • If your ACT English sub-score is below 21 (SAT Verbal of 520 or below), English 1011 will give you the best chance for success.
  • If your ACT English sub-score is 21-24 (SAT Verbal of 530-560), you should continue by taking the Directed Self-Placement Questionnaire Click here to take the Directed Self-Placement Questionnaire (when prompted to log in, use your UTC Mocs email).

Once you have decided which course is best for you, please make a note of your choice because you will be asked for it as you complete your Academic Interest Questionnaire (AIQ).

If you already have credit for English 1006, English 1010, and/or English 1020 through dual enrollment or from another institution, click here. For our policy on credit for an Advanced Placement (AP) test, click here.

If you have any questions, please email or call the Director of Composition at 423-425-5807 or the Composition office at 423-425-4261 or the English Office at 423-425-4238. Please accept our best wishes for a productive and enjoyable experience in your first year classes.