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Know before you go.

Whether you’re interested in a summer, semester, or year-long study abroad experience, all UTC students are required to complete the Study Abroad 101: Choose Your Own Adventure Canvas course and attend a Study Abroad 102 information session prior to applying for any study abroad program.

Study Abroad 101: Choose Your Own Adventure 

As of Spring 2021, UTC students interested in study abroad are required to complete the Study Abroad 101: Choose Your Own Adventure Canvas course. 

This course will launch on Thursday, January 21. Check back here or check your UTC email after this date for information on how to join this course. 

This course includes information on programs, how to choose the best program, transfer of credit, application procedures, financial aid and scholarships, and more.

Learn “almost” everything about study abroad programs and UTC policies so that you will get the best out of your study abroad experience.

After completing the course, students will be required to attend an Study Abroad 102 session with a UTC Study Abroad Office staff member. 

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Study Abroad 102: Workshop for Intermediate Adventurers

After completing the Study Abroad 101 Canvas course, students must attend a Study Abroad 102 session where a UTC Study Abroad staff member will lead a deeper dive into the study abroad experience at UTC. 

This session will allow students to meet with a staff member in order to get their general questions answered and work on choosing the right program that matches their academic, personal and professional goals. This student-led sessions can cover anything from financial aid and scholarships to the credit process to program options. 

Students must complete the Study Abroad 101 canvas session before attending a Study Abroad 102 Session (except those attending the January sessions).


21, Thursday, 2pm - Zoom (required RSVP here)

28, Thursday, 2pm - Zoom (required RSVP here)


9, Tuesday, 2pm - Zoom (required RSVP here)

24, Wednesday, 2pm - Lupton Hall 242 (required RSVP here)


9, Tuesday, 2pm - Zoom (required RSVP here)

24, Wednesday, 2pm - Lupton Hall 242 (required RSVP here


6, Tuesday, 2pm - Zoom (required RSVP here)

21, Wednesday, 2pm - Lupon Hall 242 (required RSVP here)

All in-person sessions will have a maximum capacity listed on MocSync. It is important that you RSVP on MocSync IN ADVANCE and do not come unless you have successfully RSVPed. 

Please do not RSVP if you will not be able to attend the session, as we want to make sure that all interested students are able to attend.

For Zoom sessions, you MUST register IN ADVANCE in order to receive the information to attend.

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Study Abroad 103: Pre-Departure Workshop

Study Abroad 103 Pre-Departure Workshop reviews culture shock, health and safety while abroad, "Know Before You Go," and important UTC information related to financial aid and academics/transcripts for after your return. Other important information will be discussed (including Title IX information).

Any UTC student participating in a study abroad program (faculty-led, exchange, or provider) is required to attend a Study Abroad 103 Pre-Departure Workshop. If you have previously studied abroad (while a UTC student) and have attended a pre-departure workshop, please notify

If you are participating in a program that falls into one of these categories you must sign up for a Study Abroad 103 session in Spring 2021:

  • Summer 2021, Fall 2021 & Academic Year 2021-2022 Provider/Exchange/Direct Enroll/Faculty Led Programs

Study Abroad 103 will be held virtually on Zoom. Zoom links will be emailed to students. Please RSVP below.

Dates and times for Summer and Fall 2021 pre- departure workshops will be updated here in early Spring 2021.

Email if you cannot attend one of these days/times.

Zoom - you must register IN ADVANCE at the links above

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Study Abroad 104: Career Development & Re-entry

Study Abroad 104 is designed to welcome back recent study abroad students.

The Study Abroad Office is partnering with the Center for Career & Leadership Development to bring you all the information you need to make your recent study abroad experience work for your career. You'll get tips on how to make your study abroad look great on a resume or cover letter and how to talk about your experiences in interviews and pitches. Plus, you'll get to meet other study abroad alum and learn how to stay involved now that you're back on campus!

No Study Abroad 104 sessions will be held in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. 

No Study Abroad 104 sessions will be held in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021.

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