Admissions Process

Note that for the Fall 2021 admissions cycle, no GRE scores are required (nor will they be considered). All other steps outlined below must still be followed.

Applying for admission to the UTC I-O psychology program involves working through the following steps: 

  1. Prepare for and successfully complete the Graduate Record Exam (general test).
    • UTC does not require the GRE Psychology Subject Test
    • Have your scores on the GRE sent to UTC (UTC's GRE-code number is 1831).
    • Keep in mind that it can take 3-6 weeks for formal test results to be received by UTC's Graduate School.
  2. Check to make sure you meet the Prerequisites for Admission and make sure you understand our Criteria for Admission.
  3. Work through the application process for the UTC Graduate School:
    • Go to the UTC Graduate School's online application system and follow all instructions as you work through the various required components. Note that the graduate application process details can be found on the lower right-hand portion of this screen.
    • Note that applying to the UTC I-O program requires completing an application to the UTC Graduate School (via the link above) and then completing the program-specific application that you can access by clicking here. This process is also clearly detailed in the online application system.
    • If you want to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship or other form of financial aid/scholarship, complete the necessary forms available through UTC's Graduate School scholarship/financial aid web-site
    • Prepare a personal Statement of Purpose (guidelines can be found within our Admissions Criteria section).
  4. Submit your online application when you see that you have completed all of the required portions (as shown in the online application system).


Checking on your Application

Make sure to allow sufficient time before the admissions deadline for your materials to arrive and be processed at UTC. This includes time for your transcripts to be officially sent and your GRE scores to be transmitted. A general best-practice is to plan on having all of your application complete and submitted by mid-February if possible. You can check the completion status of elements to your application through the online application system. If you need more detail or have questions about any element to your application, please contact the Graduate Program Liaison for Psychology through the UTC Graduate School.



Admission to the I-O program

On or soon after March 1 of each year, completed applications are reviewed by the I-O program faculty. Applicants whose undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, and personal statement indicate that they are likely to be able to successfully complete and make a positive contribution to the program and to the field are accepted as degree-seeking students. If there are more qualified applicants than there are available openings in the program, only the top applicants will be accepted. Official notice of acceptance is sent quickly to accepted candidates, and a commitment to enroll in the program is expected soon after. Typically, initial offers are open to accepted applicants through April 15. After the first deadline, any remaining openings will be offered to remaining qualified applicants. This second round of applicants may include those whose applications become complete after our March 1 application submission deadline. Occasionally, highly qualified applicants have been accepted as late as July when unexpected openings have arisen. When program capacity is near its limit, however, only students with the highest qualifications will be considered. 


Provisional Admission

Applicants who meet the Graduate School's minimum standards, but do not quite meet the I-O program's standards are sometimes admitted as "provisional" graduate students. This provisional status does not assure admission as a Degree student into the I-O program. Normally, students applying to the psychology M.S. programs will not be allowed to take courses while they are on provisional status. Provisional status is merely an indication that the student has met the Graduate School's standards for graduate students. The decision on admission to a specific graduate program is a separate decision made by the Department of Psychology and the I-O program faculty.

Under some circumstances, students may want to enroll in graduate courses if Provisionally admitted. Provisional students may take up to nine (9) hours of graduate course work for which they have (1) met all prerequisites and (2) obtained pre-approval from the department chair and/or the program coordinator. If a student is subsequently admitted as a Degree student, these courses can be applied to the student's graduate program of study, contingent on the adviser's approval. However, successful performance in these classes does not assure admission as a Degree student. More information on admission standards and procedures for the Graduate Division can be found in the most current version of the university's Graduate Catalog, available through UTC's Graduate School website.